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Terrorism & Al Qaeda
Terrorist Attacks on Americans
A timeline of the attacks between 1979-1988, the terrorist groups and the U.S. response. [From Target America, October 2001]
Evolution of Modern Islamic Terrorism
The rise and spread of militant Islamic groups from the late 1960s to today. [From Target America, October 2001]
Connecting the Dots
How Al Qaeda's global network slowly came into focus for U.S. intelligence between 1993 and 2001. [From The Man Who Knew, October 2002]
Europe: Mapping the Threat
A country-by-country overview of the societal factors that contribute to the sense of disenfranchisement among Western Europe's 18 million Muslims, and the major terrorist plots and arrests. Plus interviews with top counterterrorism officials and Muslim leaders. [From Al Qaeda's New Front, January 2005]
Timeline: The Evolution of the Bush Doctrine
An overview of the people, events, major statements and policy battles behind what's become known as the Bush Doctrine. [From The War Behind Closed Doors, February 2003]
Timeline: The New Rules of War
The evolution of the Bush administration's bold legal framework and aggressive interrogation policies for prosecuting the war on terror -- and how it links to the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib and beyond. [From The Torture Question, October 2005]
Chronology of the 9/11 Plot
From their arrival in Hamburg, Germany, in the 1990s through their final hours counting down to the terror attacks, a closer look at the movements of Mohamed Atta, Ziad Jarrah and Marwan al-Shehhi -- the men believed to have piloted three of the four hijacked planes on Sept. 11. [From Inside the Terror Network, January 2002]
Timeline: The House of Saud
The reign of the Al Saud family, the region's geopolitics and events in the U.S.-Saudi alliance. [From House of Saud, February 2005]
Ahmed Ressam's Millennium Plot to Bomb LAX
A chronology of Ressam's years of travel, training and activities leading up to his foiled plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport in late December 1999. [From Trail of a Terrorist, October 2001]
In Search of Al Qaeda: Mapping the Journey
Detailed maps tracking FRONTLINE producers' two-month investigation, including daily dispatches from the field, behind-the-scenes photos and key interviews. [From In Search of Al Qaeda, November 2002]
Timeline: Struggling to Find a Strategy for Success in Iraq
The events and decisions that led to the 2007 surge of U.S. forces, plus a graph of the escalating attacks against coalition and Iraqi forces, and Iraqi civilians. [From Endgame, June 2007]
Timeline: Fighting on Two Fronts
The politics and infighting in Washington's halls of power, and the events and shocks on the ground during the 14 months of the U.S.-led coalition government of Iraq. [From The Lost Year in Iraq, October 2006]
Map: Iraq
This map shows Iraq's major ethnic and religious groups: the historically dominant Sunni Arabs of central Iraq, the Kurds in the north, the majority Shi'ites of the south, and other groups, including Turkomans, Assyrian Christians and Iranians. [From The Insurgency, February 2006]
Timeline: Operation Iraqi Freedom
A chronology of the six-week U.S.-led invasion of Iraq that began March 19, 2003. [From The Invasion of Iraq, February 2004]
Timeline: The Failure of Diplomacy
An overview of the key events and diplomatic moments in the lead-up to the war in Iraq. [From Blair's War, April 2003]
Timeline: The Evolution of the Bush Doctrine
An overview of the people, events, major statements and policy battles behind what's become known as the Bush Doctrine. [From The War Behind Closed Doors, February 2003]
The U.N. Weapons Inspections in Iraq
A detailed timeline covering the face-offs between Saddam Hussein and the U.N. weapons inspectors between 1991-1999. [From Spying on Saddam, April 1999]
Timeline: The Gulf War
From Iraq's August 1990 invasion of Kuwait to the June 1991 victory parade in Washington, a chronology of the first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein. [From The Gulf War, January 1996]
Maps: The Gulf War
Maps of the 1991 Gulf War campaign to oust Saddam Hussein's forces from Kuwait, including the initial air attacks, the Iraqi minefields, the Marine and Army attacks and more. [From The Gulf War, January 1996]
The Military
Timeline: The Military's Struggles & Evolutions
An overview of 30 years of U.S. military missions, their strategic objectives and the conflict between civilian leaders and military leaders over when -- and how -- military force should be used. [From Rumsfeld's War, October 2004]
Maps: U.S. Force Deployment, 1969-2004
A look at how the U.S. military's size and scope has changed over the past 35 years: from its peak in 1969 as a conscripted force of 2.4 million troops, heavily dispersed around the globe, to today's all-volunteer force of only 1.4 million, concentrated in a handful of countries. [From Rumsfeld's War, October 2004]

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posted march 24, 2008

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