Bush's War

battlefield stories

Told from the perspective of the soldiers and commanders on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

bad voodoo's war Bad Voodoo's War
Video Extras
The sights, sounds and smells of daily life in Iraq, a tribute to a fallen comrade and more video from FRONTLINE's "virtual embed" with the Bad Voodoo Platoon. [April 2008]
rules of engagement Rules of Engagement
Video: Rules of Engagement
The Marines of Kilo Company talk about how the military investigations into the November 2005 civilian deaths in Haditha, Iraq, have affected them. Plus, a look inside "hearts-and-minds" exercises at a Marine training facility in California. [February 2008]
Rules of Engagement
Quiz: The Tough Choices
A multiple-choice test on the rules of engagement that's given to Marines in training -- try it yourself. [February 2008]
a company of soldiers A Company of Soldiers
Innovating & Improvising
In the midst of a growing insurgency in Iraq in 2004-2005, U.S. junior officers were sharing the lessons of urban warfare and teaching themselves how to improvise and think creatively via Web sites hosted on the military's secure SIPRnet. [February 2005]
campaign against terror Campaign Against Terror
Working With the Warlords
The first phase of the 2001-2002 war in Afghanistan entailed small teams of Special Forces soldiers working on the ground with local militia forces opposed to the Taliban. Here, U.S. soldiers describe what it was like to fight side by side with the Afghani commanders. [October 2002]
Campaign Against Terror
War Stories From Afghanistan
U.S. Special Forces recount some memorable moments. [October 2002]
the gulf war The Gulf War
War Stories From the Gulf War
Harrowing firsthand accounts of soldiers and pilots who were captured and interrogated by the Iraqis. [January 1996]
the invasion of Iraq The Invasion of Iraq
Interviews With the Commanders
One year later, Iraqi and U.S. commanders reveal the behind-the-scenes story of the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein. [February 2004]

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posted march 24, 2008

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