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What are your thoughts on this report about the battle over the power of the presidency and Bush and Cheney's new way of looking at the Constitution?


Who truly sees themselves as the servants of the constitution, and not the other way around?

I love to see the checks and balances at work when the judicial push back occurs. Now...please tell me who is going to push back the judicial branch when my other constitutional rights are no longer in vogue--like the right for someone who is not in the GOVERNMENT to openly or otherwise bear arms, or the right to not get extinguished before I am born?

Pauline Fife
Chicago, IL


I too felt "Cheney's Law" was an incredible and spellbinding program, one that I've so far watched three times. The program put into context the few things I knew and dazzled me with what I didn't know.

And I too don't see a liberal slant of the program, because it showed how conservatives and liberals alike took stands on the issues of government, justice and oversight. Thank god for the watchdogs. I do not see this as an untimely piece, for it continues to be ongoing and will likely always be so long as we have this system of government. As chilling as this story was, it was heartening to know that there are government officials willing to take stands on issues that protect the law and the balance of power. However, it's unfortunate that some of those same officials are often forced to resign or elect to step down at crucial times.

I look forward to updates on this program and to reading more of the related information on this website.

Linda Duyer
Salisbury, MD


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Frontline for having the fortitude to air Cheney's Law. ...We have watched the events unfold for eight years, and we knew and or guessed of the abuses. It isn't hard to figure out. But piecemeal loses its effectiveness, obviously, because I have not been able to understand why any single, living, breathing American is allowing that administration to stand. It takes a summary of the facts, an overview from history, and a chronology of events to make the impact. Mr. Kirk [ the producer] did just that. Thank you sir for this phenomenal effort and historical record.

Claudia Watson
Newport Beach, California


Thanks to Mr. Yoo and Mr. Goldsmith for their account(s)exposing facts surrounding the manipulations within the Executive branch. Like millions of other Americans, I suspected something amiss based upon the the administrations stance on secrecy in their first term. I regret that this came three years too late.

The GOP Congressional electees are very much responsible for enabling the President to initiate and expand this power grab. Party loyalty should never cloud National loyalty! Americans willing to expose abuse for our county's good, in lieu of gaining an advantage for any possible "party" gain should be recognized as patriots!

Alan Thummel
Yukon, OK


Every Frontline film is spellbinding, but "Cheney's Law" sets a new standard. It documents nothing less than a coup d'etat in America. The arrogant subversion of Constitutional law by a handful of ruthless, cynical men is described clearly, calmly, and objectively, in large part by current and former administration insiders. Your fabulous website is elegant, accessible, and chock full of links to transcripts and original documents referred to in the film. My blood is still running cold. Well done!

Jonathan Rasmussen
San Francisco, CA


This was an excellent program, my only criticism is that this journalism needs to take place before and during the events not just after. And for those who claim this report was "liberal," what does liberal even mean? Is anyone who criticizes the administration about anything "liberal"? If anything this program was very generous toward the illegal behavior of Bush and Cheney. Bush and Cheney are not keeping Americans safe, and they certainly aren't keeping them free. Plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq were made before 9/11. Bush and Cheney couldn't care less about terrorism, its just a slogan, one of many, to increase their power. Watch the program again, Cheney has been at this for decades.

Paul Andersen
Spokane Valley, Washington


Thank you Frontline, for real investigative reporting, which is rare these days. I'm saddened by the number of comments posted from people who don't seem to understand what bias or real reporting means. I guess that's what our contemporary entertainment news product has taught us to expect.

Those describing the report as having a "liberal bias" don't ever seem to address exactly what points in the report the have issue with. Is the mere utterance of a fact, that goes against what one wants to believe, by definition, biased? Are facts "biased"?

There seems to be little understanding of the Constitution, civil rights, or the rule of law these days by the twenty-something percent that still support this administration.

Also, in terms of the seriousness war and the abilities of out enemies, was the Cold War Soviet Union or Hitler's Germany less formidable foes that al Quaeda? Why does al Quaeda require us to dismantle our Constitution to combat them?

9/11 was a horrible, terrible tragedy but it was a criminal act, regardless what bin Laden says. It requires a law enforcement-type response.

Scott Anderson
Minneapolis, MN


More biased reporting from our World's "objective" media...

Great men who stand up to tyrants and corruption are often villainized by those trying to protect the status quo. Reagan, Churchill, and Lincoln (to name a few) took aggressive action to protect what they thought was right. Cheney/Bush are in this category. The world resents this administration's action, just as I suggest they would have resented pre-emptive action in the 30's against Hitler. "Oil for Food", arms sales, and the need for fossil fuels created an environment within the UN and world body which chose to manipulate a region and a people; allowing UN resolutions to be laughed at, horrific human rights abuses by tyrannical leaders, and appeased a growing threat by radicals which culminated on 9/11. Bush/Cheney have embarked on a path to remove the black market arms and oil trade as much as fight terrorism. Do not chastise them for that. Instead, fight to hold congress, the UN, and the world more accountable for its actions.

Matt Foley
Framingham, Ma


Can both sides of this discussion agree that we are debating whether present circumstances justify a rule by men rather than the rule of law? If we can agree on that then I request that someone come forward and tell all of us how the present circumstances warrant a rule by men.

If anyone disagrees with my description of the debate I would request you describe for us what the issue at hand is if not this. But be aware that Vice President Cheney is reported to have framed the situation in exactly these terms at the meeting following 9/11.

allen swartz
Boston, MA


I appreciate the way Frontline included actual interviews with key persons involved in these events. This program has prompted me to learn more about these matters. And as for the liberal slant, I didn't see it. The choices in the midst of tragedy this administration and others conservative/liberal/Democrat/Republican) have made should prompt us all to ask more questions, and be more vigilant in ensuring accountability of the actions of ourselves as well as our elected officials.

I look forward to your next program.

C. Taylor
Atlanta, GA


I thought you did a good job of covering the marvelous work of Dick Cheney and his friends in defending this nation. I just didn't understand the accusative tone of the report.

San Diego, Ca


Reading through the comments, reminded me of the relationship between facts and opinions. Opinions should be based on facts and facts are dependent on their source. Cheney's Law used reporters and Republicans who served in the administration. So, the information they presented has credibility. Frontline did a good job in explaining and documenting the issues.

Paul Rung
Rock Island, IL


Thank you for the program, "Cheney's Law".Although the story was not unknown to me, the "behind-the-scenes" interviews with key players were very informative.

I have been following the direction this country (I love) has been taking, for years, and I continue to become more frightened everyday. Not from external enemies, but from those within.

A burning question for me remains, that maybe another poster here can answer: In the future, say 50 years, what will this country look like?

I mean, if the rules only have to be followed by "The Little Man", and the people we hire to work for our best interests are working against us, and ignore our protests, what is really left for us?

Remember, when this President leaves office, the "toolbox" he built for himself will still be in place, just waiting for the next users hand. Once a toolbox is assembled, very seldom is it dissmantled..........

Don Keech
Anchorage, Alaska


Thank you for stating the facts. Prior to your broadcast I was in favor of impeaching our president and vice president because they have not followed their oath of office to abide by the Constitution. However after this viewing, I can understand why Congress is not pursuing this - with so many in Washington who support the office of the president rather than the Constitution, our entire system could be toppled.

I'm grateful for those who have stepped down, or at least spoken out about this abuse of power. They give me hope that we are still a democracy and have not become a dictatorship as Mr. Cheney and his friends would have us be. I hope that we will learn by our mistakes and elect a president who believes he/ she is not above the Constitution.

Rita Krasen
Columbus, Ohio


I am bewildered at those here who have posted comments about the "Liberal" bias they find evident in this piece. What program did you watch?

I was actually surprised at some of the punches they pulled, like not mentioning Cheney's patently ridiculous assertion that the Vice President's office is not part of the Executive Branch, which in the context of this program would have been side splittingly funny.

Of course, as is par for this course, the FOX News viewers lay no specific charge, just vague accusations of bias and liberal slants.

Cheney's Law quite clearly laid out the mechanics of what Cheney has done. I saw no facts presented which would seem to be at odds with other reports.

How exactly do you put a positive spin on Darth Cheney waging a secret war on the Constitution?

Sorry, the FACTS in this case seem to have a liberal bias.

Christopher Storey
Marietta, GA


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posted october 16, 2007

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