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cody and jessica's playlist

FRONTLINE asked Cody Perkins and his wife Jessica to share their ideal playlist. Here are their selections, along with a brief explanation of why they chose each song.

Cody Perkins' playlist:

Slayer, "Angel of Death"
"To me, this song changed metal music for a generation."

John Lennon, "Working Class Hero"
"The lyrics in this song are very strong; anyone can relate to them."

Obituary, "Buried Alive"
"I have only found this song on the anthology. This is one of the creepiest songs from the sickest band."

Black Sabbath, "Symptom of the Universe"
"Probably the heaviest song written in the '70s."

Pantera, "Drag the Water"
"This song says a lot about modern society."

Mortification, "Influence"
The lyrics in this song say it all.

Led Zeppelin, "Nobody's Fault But Mine"
"This is just an awesome rock n' roll song."

Clutch, "The Mob Goes Wild"
"Just a crazy song. The lyrics are very Frank Zappa-like."

Immortal, "Beyond the Northern Waves"
"This song is very spacey and heavy."

The Misfits, "She"
"Best punk band ever!"


Jessica Perkins' playlist:

John Lennon, "Working Class Hero"
"This song is like a voice straight out of my own bones. I was so excited when I first heard it I wanted to get it tattooed on my back."

The Beatles, "Black Bird"
"I love this song. I think it's beautiful and it always makes me feel so liberated and peaceful."

The Beatles, "Helter Skelter"
"This song is one of the craziest and wildest songs I've ever heard. I love to scream along with it."

John Lennon, "Julia"
"This was one of the first songs I had heard of John Lennon's, and it was so honest and beautiful that is has stayed one of my favorite songs ever since I first heard it."

Black Sabbath, "Iron Man"
"This song is one of the heaviest songs I have ever heard. It gives me chill bumps every time I hear it."

Johnny Cash, "Folsom Prison Blues"
This song is true country. Johnny Cash's voice always brings me back to my roots.

Led Zeppelin "Immigrant"
"This song energizes me every time I hear it. It's one of my favorites to sing with my friends. "

Led Zeppelin, "Black Dog"
"This is another song that is so groovy and energetic. I just love it."

Bob Dylan, "It ain't Me Babe"
"I love the honesty of this song. I've been trying to learn it on guitar."

Tenacious D -- anything!
"My friends and I love Tenacious D. Nothing relaxes me more than driving down the road and screaming to Tenacious D songs."

Nina Simone -- anything!
"Her voice is so powerful it just makes you stop in your tracks as soon as you hear her sing."

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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