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join the discussion: What are your reactions and thoughts after viewing Country Boys?  What most struck you about the struggles of Chris Johnson and Cody Perkins --  two boys  coming of age in eastern Kentucky's Appalachian hills?

Note: This opportunity extends through Friday night, January 13, 2006. FRONTLINE cannot promise to post every question sent in to Cody, but we will do our best to represent the range of viewers' questions and comments.

Dear Cody,

Dear Cody,

Thank you for letting us visit your life. I have a son who just turned 20 this week. He dresses very much like you and likes System of a Down, Green Day and other bands I do not recall. I think he would like you music (I might, too- a little) and I will point him towards your website. I mention this because he grew up in the burbs of Cleveland, Ohio. Even though his family has some problems, he had two parents there for the duration of his school life. Even so he and his friends had many of the same problems as you and Chris. I mention this because I thought "Country Boys" was just as much a story of adolescence, as one of the problems of growing up with a so-called "dysfuctional" family in in a depressed area, but beautiful area of the country. I learned a lot from this presentation and I look forward to part three of your story.

I hope your principal, Mitzi, is doing well. I felt so bad when she resigned.

Thank you again.

Best wishes to you and Jessica.KJB

Braodview Heights, Ohio

Dear Cody,

You seem to be a very honest and straightforward and likeableperson. I liked your personality and the way you picked Christto follow as your role model. You cant go wrong with him as yourmodel for life. When you were seeking answers about your socialsecurity money and savings from family members I think you didthe right thing. Also, I noticed that you didnt let it get thebest of you and make you a bitter person or revengeful. Youhandled that matter like a mature adult should do. Good Joband Best of Luck with your wife and life.

V Hoskins
prairie village , KS

Dear Cody,

Dear Cody,

How has your relationship with God changed since the filming and your marriage to Jessica? Are you still a believer? Do you see God differently since you've gotten older?

Thanks for your honesty. It's a valuable trait that I respect a great deal.

Dee Wehr
Batesville, IN

Cody responds:

Yes, I'm definitely still a believer, and my faith has definitely changed as I've gotten older. I guess I think about things from a perspective of myself trying to figure it out instead of trusting what others say so much. I try to open my mind to other religions, other beliefs that are different than mine, because although I have my own faith, who's to say that there's only one way? There's a lot of Christians out there who would probably get mad about that, but again, the only thing I really know is that I love God and I believe in Jesus, and I believe that God's spirit is spread by love. As far as Christianity - I've gotten some negative reactions to the filmaround here, and most of the people who have attacked me are the ones who are supposed to be my brothers in faith. I've gotten a lot of good messages too, like the ones I'm answering now, but I think it's funny that most of the negative ones are from Christians who feel like I'm doing something wrong.

Dear Cody,


i kinda see myself in you, meaning how you view the bible and the typical churches, but heres my question, how did you become comfortable with the bible? meaning, because i truely believe in GOD, but its so hard for me to be open to read the bible or believe in it, did you have this same problem and if so how did you overcome it? and i have prayed to open my heart to it, i pray for that every night and still nothing.i just need another point of view, i'm constantly searching, so if you could help me in any way, thank you

Beth BigEagle
gouverneur, ny

Cody responds:

I kinda have doubts about certain things in the Bible too, like with a lot of the Old Testament, which is mostly stories and visions. The only thing I know for a fact that I trust in are the gospels, because the people who wrote those had direct contact with Jesus, or were written very shortly after his life ended. It's too complicated to explain or understand, I guess, but I love god and I know what I believe and I just take comfort in that. But I struggle with it too, so don't feel like you're alone.

Dear Cody,

I was very moved while watching the broadcast and hearing of the tragic lose of your father and seeing how it is continuing to cause you so much pain. Seeing that you and your girlfriend seem to be so much in love, I wondered if you have considered seeing a therapist to help you heal emotionally so that you would be able to have a full, healthy, loving and complete relationship with your girlfriend and other friends and family members. It is hard to have a healthy relationship with anyone while carrying feelings of sorrow, anger, and pain. Also, I would like to encourage you to continue to seek Christ because He is the ultimate healer. I speak from experience.

Deadra Reed
Mansfield, Ohio

Dear Cody,

What was it like being different than everybody else their at your high school and at church and bascially everyday?

Erin Akins
Stockton, California

Cody responds:

Well, it wasn't really great because you always get people giving you crap over it, but I'm not upset that I was the way I was, because I try to be true to myself. I feel like that's something to be proud of.

Dear Cody,

One of the first things I wondered after watching episode 1 is how I would have responded to Cody as a teacher or fellow teen. As a teacher, I hope I would have known how to respond to this very bright and gifted person who was caught in a teenage body and mind with the limitations of geography, history and luck. Cody is so likeable! I really hope he makes it big. His honesty, his comprehension of the world needs to be delivered to the world. I pray he never becomes cynical; what a waste if that were to happen. And his lovely relationship with his girlfriend (wife?)is refreshing; should just 1/8 of the world's relationships be this sincere, our children would be so much better off, regardless of where they live.

Mary Clark
St. Louis, MO

Dear Cody,

I was every moved by watching part 1 tonight. I truly appreciated your recent commentary here on-line about the church. Thank you for your honesty and commitment to serve Jesus Christ. You've inspired me. I am also a Christian musician. I love the church, but at the same time, its people can drive me crazy with their piety and judgmental attitudes. You and I live in different worlds, but we've encountered the same thing. It's seemingly not different today than with the Pharisees - but that's why Jesus came and died for us and why He's coming again - to redeem us and build His church. We need people like you to be a voice and live a life of genuine love. Jesus wasn't welcomed in every town and synagogue. If He was, then He never would have had to die on the cross. We won't be welcomed everywhere either, even by those who proclaim Christ. Be encouraged though, there are some great churches out there loving the unlovable and changing lives.

Be strong and courageous.

Berkley, Michigan

Dear Cody,

Watching your story made me feel bad about being more fortunate than others. as a kid, life was hard for me too, but i never thought twice that there were people who had it worse than me. though life can be hard, if you are able to make it through you feel good that you are able to say i made it all this way and God was on my side. poverty in the country is different from poverty in the city, but just showing the everyday struggles of a group of people makes you feel that you're not alone.

kendra u
brooklyn, ny

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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