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voices in the storm
A special four-part BBC Radio series to mark the fifth anniversary of the Gulf War, these programs are drawn from the research and reporting done for "THE GULF WAR" BBC/FRONTLINE television series. Each fifteen minute program focuses on an eye-witness account of some of the dramatic events in Desert Storm--the January 1991 military campaign to liberate Kuwait.

program one - the brink of war: the inside story of the geneva summit
A week before the UN deadline for Iraq's withdrawal from Kuwait, there was one last chance for peace. Tariq Aziz, the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, and James Baker, the former U.S. Secretary of State, recall their showdown on the eve of the war.

program two - against all odds: the story of an american special forces patrol behind enemy lines
Green Beret Commando Chad Balwanz relives the top secret mission which went disastrously wrong. He was commander of an 8-man team which was 150 miles into southern Iraq when their cover was blown. Confronted with odds of twenty to one against, they had to fight for their lives.

program three - the road to basra: the story of what really happened during one of the most controversial chapters of the war
As the Iraqi army was routed in Kuwait and thousands of soldiers tried to escape north, they were bombed by American jets. In the words of one pilot, "It was like hitting the jackpot." Iraqi soldiers and the American pilots who targeted them give a first-hand account of what really happened on the road to Basra.

program four - unfinished business: an eyewitness of the kurdish uprising
As the Gulf War ended, many Iraqis seized their chance to try and topple the regime in Baghdad. But President Saddam Hussein reacted swiftly to suppress the dissent. This is the story of one family's desperate flight to the mountains as the Iraqi army advanced.

'Voices in the Storm' is a Fine Art Production for BBC Radio 5 Live.

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