Rules of Engagement

press reaction

The New York Times - Neil Genzlinger

"... one of the more riveting recent installments of [FRONTLINE] ...

"What really makes the program absorbing ... is that through interviews with, and transcripts of, the participants, you are struck by just how ordinary these much-vilified, much-defended warriors are. You feel for the Iraqis who died, of course. ... But you are also reminded ... that the Americans actually doing the work of warfare in Iraq are young, inexperienced, overwhelmed. ..."

The Los Angeles Times - Tony Perry

"... a yeoman effort, balanced and thoughtful, and with sympathy for the relatives of the Iraqi dead and for young Marines, past and present, who must make life-or-death decisions in the blink of an eye. ..."

San Jose Mercury News - Charlie McCollum

"... a compelling (and very even-handed) report that you should definitely watch."

Chicago Tribune - Maureen Ryan

"... gripping ..."

The Phoenix (Boston, Mass.) - Mike Miliard

"... Frontline's reporting and production here are superb. ..."

San Diego Union-Tribune - Robert P. Laurence

"... As usual with 'Frontline' productions, it's a sober, solidly balanced, thoroughly researched film. ..."

Ottowa Citizen - Alex Strachan

"... gripping but ultimately flawed ...

"The Haditha incident, as shot through the prism of Rules of Engagement's lens, becomes a kind of Rorschach test in which the viewers at home are left to decide what really happened and why. ...

"... it's worth seeing, if only for the way it shows the casual viewer how credible war correspondents from media outlets ... work a big news story in a combat zone where everyone seems to be lying, or has reason to lie."

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posted february 19, 2008

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