Rules of Engagement

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Haditha's Significance?

What are the lessons being drawn from the Nov. 19, 2005 killings of 24 civilians in Haditha - one of the most notorious events of the Iraq war?

The Media Coverage of Haditha

Journalists, Marines and lawyers for the accused assess Time magazine's initial story, the often sensationalized coverage that followed, and the muted response to the investigations and trials which raised deeper questions about what happened that day.

The Rules of Engagement

A closer look at the rules of engagement, how they intersect with a soldier's inherent right to self-defense and how they're interpreted in theory and in practice -- particularly in the case of Iraq.

Civilian Casualties in Iraq

What do we know about civilian deaths in Iraq? Where's the line between casualties of war and cold-blooded murder? How is the civilian death count calculated? And what reparations are being paid to the families of civilians killed by U.S. forces?

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posted february 19, 2008

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