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January 23, 1995

111 East 14th Street
Suite 189
New York, NY 10003


When I originally answered your ad regarding Father Birmingham I thought it might be in regard to sexual molestation. I believe I might be of help to you as Fr. Birmingham did attempt to molest me on more than one occasion. The two incidents I remember occurred in the rectory, in I believe 1963. I remember the year based on the car he was driving at the time, a black 1963 Ford XL with red bucket seats.

His first attempt came after a weekend CYO skiing trip when we arrived back at the church. I needed to call home for a ride and he directed me to the phone in the rectory... once in the rectory we went to his room where he began to molest me, he was interrupted by another priest. The second occasion was a few weeks later when he called me out of CYO class, he often called kids out of CYO to go to the rectory. I got away from him on that occasion and he never bothered me again, however, I rarely went back to CYO again. I usually just skipped with a couple of other kids after our parents dropped us off... we never told each other anything but I know we were skipping because of the invitations to the rectory.

I have not discussed the particulars of my encounters with anyone although when I saw your ad I did mention it to another person who I felt might have had a similar experience... I understand he has contacted you. I would request that at this time you honor my request for confidentiality in the matters I have brought to your attention. If you choose to pursue the matter further I would be available to speak to you.




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