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The Spokesman-Review published 189 articles over 10 months on the Jim West scandal, beginning with two front page stories on May 5, 2005. Below are some of the highlights.

The first articles, published May 5, 2005, the day after the newspaper interviewed West about the allegations:

The paper's continuing reports over the following months:

  • Ryan Oelrich's account of his dealings with Jim West and the position West offered him on Spokane's Human Rights Council.
  • The newspaper's account of an emotional phone call between West and editor Steven Smith, in which West denied new allegations from a city councilwoman that he had masturbated in his city hall office. He tells Smith, "I'm being destroyed because I am gay," and "I led a life of hell."
  • The paper's first editorial calling for the mayor's resignation.
  • Spokesman-Review columnist Doug Clark goes after West and defends the paper's investigation, calling it "the print journalism equivalent of a '60 Minutes' hidden camera sting."
  • Editor Steven Smith's editorial decrying what he saw as a timid reaction to the story. Smith told FRONTLINE he stands by the editorial but in retrospect wished someone else had written it.
  • Mayor West's late June' 05 guest column in the paper in which he responded to the stories and denied the allegations.

Full interview, email and chat transcripts, and multimedia features:

  • The full text of the paper's May 4th interview with West, together with selected audio clips.
  • The transcripts of the emails and online chats, accessible from the main West page, between West and "Dannyboy" and "Moto-Brock" -- the paper's computer expert posing as a teen online.
    [Warning: The online chats contain sexual content.]
  • The March 8 chat between West and Moto-Brock. The computer expert told the paper he was unable to capture the last two minutes of this exchange, when he says West offered Moto-Brock an internship. The paper says the subsequent chat indicates that the mayor and not Moto-Brock first brought up the subject, but the paper has no direct evidence of that.
  • The paper's interviews with Robert Galliher, and Michael Grant, the men who accused West of abusing them in the '70s.
  • The Spokesman-Review's entire collection of audio and video files related to the story, organized by date. It includes Jim West's May 31 appearance on "The Today Show" and clips from West's June 3 press conference, featured in FRONTLINE's report.

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posted nov. 14, 2006

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