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Center for Investigative Reporting

FRONTLINE's partner in producing Hot Politics, the Center for Investigative Reporting is a nonprofit organization based in Berkeley, Calif. that conducts in-depth public affairs journalism. Reporters for CIR prepared additional articles on global warming for FRONTLINE; additional articles can be found in Readings & Links.

headline of the new york timesphoto of a glacier

The Manipulation of Science
A look at an energy industry memo and statements made by the Bush administration which reveal how each sought to suppress or distort scientific evidence that human activity is contributing to global warming.

The Future of Energy
From wind power to "clean" coal, the energy sources being touted as low-carbon alternatives to traditional fossil fuels each carry their own costs and benefits. Read the pros and cons.

The Doubters of Global Warming
Profiles of five of the most prominent global warming skeptics, including their backgrounds, public statements and financial ties to the industries with the most to lose from government action on climate change.

Suppression of Science
An examination of allegations that the Bush administration kept global warming data from the public by editing or burying scientific reports and by discouraging public comment on the issue. Their allegations are currently under investigation in both houses of Congress.

The TXU Takeover: A Dissection of a Deal
The leveraged buyout of Texas' largest electricity producer won environmentalists' blessing amid promises to use more renewable energy, boost energy efficiency and stop the planned construction of 11 new coal power plants. But loopholes in the deal are raising questions about just how "green" the new TXU will be.

Center for Investigative Reporting
Hot Politics Web site reports by the Center for Investigative Reporting, Inc.

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posted april 24, 2007

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