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join the discussion - What are your thoughts on this history of how three U.S. administrations failed to take bold action on global warming? Are you hopeful things will change in the future?

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Where is the data to support the theory that global warming is directly attributed to humans burning fossil fuels? Is it just intuitive that humans burning petrolum products must be causing a change in the earths climate? Being educated and a scientist, I want to see any data describing the earths climate over the last 100 years. Is there 100 years worth of data? Based on (geological) time scales even 200 years seems insignificant to the earth, depending on which type of scientist you ask. Still, does this data even exist? Can the public have access to it? I see global warming being a political issue rather than a scientific one. Call me skeptical, not about the changing climate in the last 20 years but whether humans are causing the change.

Stanton DeHaven
Hampton, Virginia

FRONTLINE's editors respond:

Hot Politics is more about the politics of global warming than the science, but for more on the science see the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or, a blog written by climate scientists.


Wonderful show, excellent research and well presented! A real contribution! An "A " from this professor!

Steven Leibo Ph.D.
Albany, NY


The Frontline series is my favorite program. I try to never miss a telecast.However, I was disappointed that there was little discussion of the claims that the cause is primarily man-made and that there were no scientists interviewed to express an opposite view of those appearing on the program.The presentation looked pretty biased to me. . . Disappointing.

Richard Kimball
Papillion, NE

FRONTLINE's editors respond:

Read FRONTLINE's interview with Frederick Seitz, a prominent global warming skeptic.


Good thing PBS doesn't let things like objective journalism get in the way of the political agenda. "Hot Politics" was more of a religious program than a news event. You stated "facts" that were just not true, then tried to prove them by talking to the amen section of the left wing. PBS is a left wing joke, I wish people would stop giving to you so you would go away......

I don't mind a discussion of facts or viewpoints but this was one radical side of what should be a debate not a preaching sermon.

memphis, tn


So out of the candidates running for president, who would be the best environmentalist and steer this country in the right direction?

Deborah Taylor
Bartlett, TN

FRONTLINE's editors respond:

Visit FRONTLINE's Readings and Links for links to the top 3 Democratic and Republican candidates' campaign statements on energy and global warming.

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posted april 24, 2007

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