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nursing home

the big issue

Excerpts from FRONTLINE's interviews with those who treat the elderly and advocate for quality care and dignity during their final years.

» Parents & Children
The difference it makes to be cared for at the end of life by loved ones; the conversations that need to happen about where parents will live when they cannot live on their own, and end-of-life decisions; and the burden of becoming a caregiver for an elderly loved one.

» Nursing Homes
The pros and cons of nursing homes, why we fear them, and the important questions the elderly and their families face in making this tough decision.

» What Needs to Change
How can America's health care system change so that the elderly can get better long-term care? How can we make better decisions about end-of-life care and medical interventions?

» Deciding When Enough Is Enough
Close-up observations about what families confront in deciding how to treat an elderly loved near the end of life -- and why it's much easier to discuss these options when the patient is at home and not in the hospital.

Related Readings

» "Longer Lives Reveal the Ties That Bind Us"
New York Times columnist David Brooks on the vital message to take away from "Taking Care," the landmark report issued by the President's Council on Bioethics

» Costs of Care
… And other facts on the U.S. aging population, caregiving, living arrangements, geriatricians


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posted nov. 21, 2006

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