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the stories

photo of strongin

Estelle Strongin (94)


She represents our greatest hopes for living old to our fullest capacity. When this interview was conducted (Nov. 2005), she was still working every day. Mrs. Strongin offers some wise thoughts about life, aging and the ties of love and family.



photo of the haaks

Chester (91) and Rosemary Haak (90)


Theirs is a universal family story. Daughter Mary Ann, together with other family members, has struggled to help her parents make the heartbreaking decisions and changes necessitated by their progressive frailty and illnesses.



photo of pallaroso

Antero Pallaroso (83)

He is representative of those elderly who are in the highest needs category and is being cared for at home by his daughter, Carmen, who quit her job to do this. He has a feeding tube, Alzheimer's and is very vulnerable to further pneumonia.



photo of enoch

Margaret Enoch (94)

It doesn't matter so much what one's life journey has been like -- as the end nears we all basically need the same thing. Mrs. Enoch lives in a large, art-filled apartment overlooking Manhattan's Central Park, but now she is confined to a bed in one small room.



photo of singer

Clara Singer (100)


Despite her advanced age and residence in a nursing home, Clara Singer retains a wonderful zest for life, its joys and comforts, and she remains engaged with the world -- "making the best of it."



photo of the paunescu

Maria Paunescu (96)


Her daughter is committed to caring for her at home and having her spend her last days there -- and not in a hospital or nursing home.



photo of michalowicz

Moshe Michalowicz (86)

He lives alone in his own apartment in New York City, despite having increasing chronic health problems. His doctor, a geriatrician, says he feels a special bond with Mr. Michalowicz.



photo of goff

Dolly Goff (86)


Like so many elderly with chronic illnesses, Mrs. Goff's fulltime caregiver is her daughter, Dorothy, 63, who has her own health problems. "I figured it was my time as the daughter to take over now."




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posted nov. 21, 2006

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