the long march of newt gingrich

Book List

Military Books Read By Gingrich & His Staff

Sun-Tzu. The Art of War. Westview Press. 1994. Boulder, San Francisco, Oxford.

Miyamoto Musashi. A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy. Overlook Press. 1974. Woodstock, New York.

General Heinz Guderian. Panzer Leader. Zenger Publishing Co. 1952. Washington, D.C. (World War II military history by the Nazis' master of armored warfare, including the blitzkreig tactics.)

Other Books on the Required Reading List

Alvin Toffler. The Third Wave. 1980. Bantam Books.

Isaac Asimov. The Foundation Trilogy. 1951. Bantam Books.

Peter F. Drucker. The Effective Executive. 1967. Harper Business.

Donald Peterson. A Better Idea .

Ray Kroc. Grinding It Out .

Edwards Deming books.

Gordon Wood. The Creation of the American Republic and The Radicalism of the American Revolution.

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