the long march of newt gingrich

Books by Newt

Belgian Education Policy in the Congo, 1945-1960.
Ph.D thesis in History, Modern, Tulane University, 1971.
304 pages.
Available from UMI Dissertation Services, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Unpublished manuscript of an unfinished novel.
Available for viewing, West Georgia College library, special collections, Carrollton, Georgia. (No photocopying is allowed.)
This is a proposed novel about a Russian invasion of Western Europe, a project in which Chester Roush and other local businessmen invested $13,000. Gingrich took his family to Europe on a summer research trip, but never finished the book. His mentor, Alvin Toffler, read the first three chapters and sent them back to Newt saying, "You are obviously better at shaking hands than writing fiction."

Window of Opportunity: A Blueprint for the Future.
With David Drake and Marianne Gingrich.
A TOR Book published in association with Baen Enterprises. (New York, 1984)
272 pages.
Anti-communist, pro-Star Wars, and predicting honeymoons in space, this book earned Gingrich the nickname, "Newt Skywalker." The book sold only 12,000 copies, but 21 investors contributed $5,000 each to a fund to promote the book. The investments were turned into tax write-offs.

To Renew America
(HarperCollins, 1995) 260 pages.
A bestseller. Controversial because Rupert Murdoch's company offered Gingrich a $4.5 million advance at a time when Congress was considering legislation that would directly impact Murdoch. Gingrich decided to turn down the offer, accepting a token $1 advance, and taking a standard royalty payment -- about 15%.

With William R. Forstchen (Albert S. Hanser, Technical Editor)
(Baen Publishing, 1995) 382 pages.
A 'what if' novel about World War II, in which Hitler conquers Britain. Early drafts included some steamy sex scenes which were subsequently toned down, although Chapter 1 retains a romp with a "pouting sex kitten".

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