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Tips for consumers on how to evaluate what's safe for you, plus resources on acupuncture, homeopathy and other alternative therapies.

Before You Try It: Safety Precautions Checklist
Factors to consider when choosing an alternative treatment or practitioner, plus links to resources for current information on safety reports and alerts.

Is it Safe to Take Your Vitamins?
Millions of Americans spend billions of dollars annually on dietary supplements—herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals—to treat a multitude of ailments. But most don't know that under current law, there's no guarantee that what's on the label is what's in the bottle, or that what's in the bottle is safe and effective. In these excerpts from their interviews with FRONTLINE, experts discuss the controversy over regulating dietary supplements. Also, a review of the research on the popular supplement St. John's Wort.

What is Acupuncture?
A brief overview of the theory and practice of acupuncture, what its critics say, and the newest study on whether it works.

What is Homeopathy?
A brief overview of the theory and practice of homeopathy, what its critics say, and the controversy over the scientific evidence on whether it works.

Links and Resources
Links to NCCAM and government organizations, alternative medicine portal sites, databases of research reports and sites specializing in dietary supplements, acupuncture, and homeopathy.

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posted november 4, 2003

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