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"'The advancing edge of health care' or 'pseudo science'? Alternative medicine can be either, depending on the therapy and who's talking about it. But no one disagrees with former New England Journal of Medicine editor Marcia Angell when she calls it 'big business.' Producer Raney Aronson mixes all this and comes up with a potent overview. Its active ingredient: scrupulous balance, and both sides make compelling cases."

San Antonio Express-News · Jacqueline Cutler

"['The Alternative Fix'] does a superb job of showing the issue from many perspectives."

Los Angeles Times · Mark Sachs

"'Frontline' … probes the issues surrounding alternative medicine with depth and clarity. … The program attempts an evenhanded approach but ultimately remains tilted towards skepticism."

Kansas City Star · Aaron Barnhart

"Provocative… Inevitably, 'Frontline' lumps all kinds of alternative care together, from scientifically tested procedures like acupuncture to oddities like Maori fertility healers. Still, it strives mightily to be fair to all points of view, including the wide variety of opinions withing the traditional medical establishment."

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posted november 4, 2003

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