The M72 Light Anti-Armor Weapon
law (m72)

The M72 Light Anti-Armor Weapon (or LAW as it is referred to) is the world's first disposable, shoulder-fired, anti-armor weapon. Its history puts the LAW's origins back to the 1960s. Many changes have taken place in the LAW's construction since its beginnings, but the premise for the weapon is still the same: it can be carried by one soldier, operated by one soldier, and is quite effective.

The warhead is a small HEAT rocket that has been improved upon in recent years with the addition of propulsion technologies. It has the capability of piercing tank/vehicle armor up to 350m. Not only is the LAW used against armored vehicles, but they can also be used within urban structures, just as they were in Somalia. Read about Keni Thomas' experiences with the LAW.


Carry Weight: 7.9 lbs.
Carry Length: 30.5 in.
Caliber: 66 mm
Muzzle Velocity: 650 ft/sec
Operational Range: 220 m
Maximum Range: 350 m


Talley Defense Systems

Source(s): Jane's Infantry Weapons, 24th edition, 1998-99 & Talley Defense Systems

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