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Karl Rove -- The Architect...Examining the life, career and 30-year long plan of George W. Bush's chief political adviser: to build a durable Republican majority and realign the politics of America. A joint report by FRONTLINE and The Washington Post
the mastermind

Rove's life and career, what makes him a superb political strategist, and how he and the president "are playing for history."

the rise of the republican party

Evaluating the social and political changes that drove the Republican resurgence. How long might their dominance last?


Ken Mehlman, Mark McKinnon, Matthew Dowd, David Broder, Thomas Edsall, Dan Balz, Grover Norquist, Dana Milbank...

texas: harbinger of the future

How Rove moved Texas toward the Republican Party in the '80s: it was a blueprint for what he would do nationwide years later.

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posted april 12, 2005

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