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Here is a collection of articles about Karl Rove and the 2004 presidential election from The Washington Post archives.

Rove Is Promoted To Deputy Chief of Staff
"During President Bush's first term, outsiders often suspected that Karl Rove was really behind virtually everything. Now it's official." (Feb. 9, 2005)

On Nov. 2, GOP Got More Bang For Its Billion, Analysis Shows
"When Bush moved into the Oval Office in 2001, planning for his presidential reelection campaign began almost immediately. Under the direction of Karl Rove, Bush's top White House adviser who served as a kind of chairman of the board … the Bush political team developed a strategy for 2004, began investing in innovative techniques to target voters and prepared an early and cost-effective advertising plan." (Dec. 30, 2004)

Resident Thinker Given Free Rein in White House
"Pete Wehner has the rarest of White House jobs. He is paid to read, to think, to prod, to brainstorm -- all without accountability. He recalls the words of White House senior adviser Karl Rove when he interviewed for the job: 'He said my job is to bug him.'" (Dec. 13, 2004)

The Many Faces of Karl Rove
"Almost everyone, it seems, is giving Rove an enormous amount of credit for winning his boss a second term last week. From his office in the West Wing, Rove has been President Bush's senior adviser and chief political strategist. What people don't tend to agree about, however, is whether Rove won it elegantly -- or down and dirty." (Nov. 8, 2004)

Four More Years Attributed to Rove's Strategy
"Admired, disparaged, respected and feared, Rove joins an elite cadre of political strategists who can claim two presidential victories. Bush's adviser can now look toward the goal he has pursued since he was an obscure direct-mail specialist in Texas: the creation of a durable Republican majority in Washington and across the country." Also, read an online chat with reporter Mike Allen about this article. (Nov. 7, 2004)

For the President, a Vote of Full Faith and Credit
"The 2004 presidential race and its aftermath have brought a new fusion between religion and politics. For the first time, vast numbers of evangelical Christians showed their clout at the grass-roots level without being organized by a national group such as the Christian Coalition or the Moral Majority." (Nov. 7, 2004)

Victory Bears Out Emphasis on Values; GOP Tactics Aimed At Cultural Divide
"Presidential stops in swing states, and the route of campaign bus trips, rarely included the largest cities. That was because Rove chose them scientifically, using three criteria that he explained to reporters in the waning days of the campaign. Rove said his targets were areas where Bush had underperformed in 2000, whether Republican or Democratic, and where the campaign's target for votes was higher than the number that showed up. Second were fast-growing exurban areas or Republican places where there were a large number of people who ought to register to vote and do not -- what Rove calls 'a large gap between participation and potential.' Third, he said, he paid attention to areas 'that have a significant number of swing voters, and swing wildly from election to election.'" (Nov. 4, 2004)

Rove Trims Sails but Steers for Victory
"Now, two weeks before the election, the Bush-Cheney campaign would be happy to eke out the barest, skin-of-the-teeth majority, and aims to cobble it together by turning out every last evangelical Christian, gun owner, rancher and home schooler -- reliable Republicans all. It looks like the opposite of Rove's original dream." (Oct. 17, 2004)

Bush Fortifies Conservative Base
"Although age-old campaign rules dictate that the general-election candidate must emphasize moderate 'swing' voters and political independents, Bush strategists are predicting that this election, more than previous ones, will be determined by the turnout of each side's partisans. Although not discounting swing voters, Bush is placing unusual emphasis so far on rallying the faithful." (July 15, 2004)

Rove Revels in Democrat Kerry's Lead
"Previously, Rove had claimed he was salivating that the Democrats would nominate former Vermont governor Howard Dean in the 2004 presidential race. But Dean had imploded and Sen. John F. Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat, had won 12 of the first 14 Democratic primary contests and appeared to be headed for the nomination. Politics is a game of recovery, adaptability and optimism. So Rove had a new line. 'The good news for us is that Dean is not the nominee,' Rove now argued to an associate in his second-floor West Wing office." (April 18, 2004)

In New Hampshire, the Spotlight is on Rove
"Whatever mistakes the Bush campaign made here four years ago, his advisers appear determined not to repeat them, and the man who will oversee the reelection campaign was nothing if not on message today, fretting publicly about the weak economy, which bedeviled George H.W. Bush here in 1992 and led to his eventual defeat by Bill Clinton." (May 8, 2003)

White House's Roving Eye for Politics
"Karl Rove, the most powerful adviser in the White House, serves as President Bush's eyes and ears. But who serves as Rove's eyes and ears while he toils in the bubble of the West Wing?" (March 10, 2003)

The Political Mind Behind Tort Reform
"For those who argue that President Bush's support for limiting jury awards has nothing to do with politics, a complication has emerged: His top political adviser, Karl Rove, has taken credit for the issue. In an interview for a book published this week, Rove claimed responsibility for talking Bush into the subject of 'tort reform' when he was packaging Bush for the 1994 Texas gubernatorial race. (Feb. 25, 2003)

Karl Rove: The Strategist
"Rove is Bush's whirling dervish, a man in perpetual motion. No part of the campaign escapes his eye -- strategy, organization, message, polling, media, issues or money." (1999)

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posted april 12, 2005

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