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One comment was from an "Evangelical right wing Christian". He applauds Rove for "attacking, destroying, undermining, etc." his opponent. This was not the only comment like this from a "Christian."

Hold on. What Bible am I failing to read? Didn't Christ preach love of one's brother, honesty, do unto others, forgiveness, etc.?

I think our problem in America is we have growing millions of "Christians", like Rove, ready to lie, steal, cheat, destroy and or even kill to get what they want.

These people are traitors to the ideals of Christianity AND the American Founders, which I'm sure they know little or nothing about.

B. Danforth

Bob Danforth, Jr.
Santa Clara, CA


I just read every single response to your Karl Rove documentary. What I don't get is this - why isn't there one letter from a Republican who is rethinking his/her allegiance to this Bush/Cheney/Rove administration? If this documentary doesn't stimulate some concerned questioning or doubts, what will it take? Even loyal Democrats questioned the administration of Bill Clinton.

Sherry Hansen
Portland, OR


Several posts praise Bush's election as if it was the proverbial mandate/landslide this is what the American people want mantra.

Most forget that with the electoral college system, had Kerry won 80,000 of Bush's votes in Ohio, Kerry would be president. One of the closest elections in American history despite the politics of fear,hatred and deception used by Rove; without that, Bush would have lost.



Who knew that Frontline was a puppet of the evil crafty Rove!

Are you guys members of the propaganda arm of the cunning Rove's right wing attack machine? How much did Rove pay you to produce this tribute to the so called "architect"?

What a puff piece about possibly the most evil man in politics today.

Frontline, you can do better.

Veedar Hockstadt
Columbus, Ohio


We Conservatives would just like to tell you how very much we enjoyed your searing "expose" on Karl Rove. We especially enjoyed the overly dramatic and sinister voice-over from what sounded suspiciously like Dan Rather ,,,

It would seem that the big dirt you managed to turn up was that the Honorable Mr. Rove has the unpreciedented position of both policy and campaign advisor. The obvious implication being that the campaign is the policy and that kind of sneakiness is so unusual in politics. Wow! You know, I think as much as we Conservatives would like to take responsibility for that kind of prescient political strategy, we should give credit where credit is due: It was your Golden Boy, Bill Clinton who instituted the brilliant, daily practice of "Polling for Policy". I'm sure you did an equally scathing piece on Mr. Bill's questionable tactics in his own struggle to stay in the White House. Such a fine "architect" is he! His habit of riding the political winds actually dropped him in Yugoslavia to avoid the harsh and substantial reality of Monica Lewinsky.

We were additionally impressed with the battery of Washington Post reporters that were trotted out to speak against Mr. Rove. We would never have expected that kind of energetic cooperation on the part of "non-biased" mainstream news organizations. Was it just oversight that you forgot to include any representatives from the New York or LA Times or perhaps the San Fransisco Chronicle? We have come to trust these bastions of truth for their ability to penetrate any and all Conservative intrigues to the exclusion of most other newsworthy events (except, of course, the carnivorous assault on baseball and it's heroes or Michael Jackson's guilty-freak-until-proven-innocent-trial).

Thank you, thank you and thanks again. Keep up the good work! We're counting on it!


Meleva Steiert
Rocklin, CA.


Obviously, you have entered into the political assassination game. It is so sad to see public monies to be used is such a disgusting manner. You so little emphasized Carl Rove's ability to put together a message of hope and leadership. It was more about describing him as a devious non-Chrisitain strategist.

Julius Johnson


I must admit that as a right-wing conservative, evangelical Christian, republican who strongly supports George W. Bush, I have trained my mind, over many years, to automatically sift through the left leaning PBS bias so I can actually learn some very helpful things from programs such as Frontline. What I liked most about the program was its presentation of the step-by-step process Rove used to define and execute his enormously successful political and campaign strategy. Here are a few process steps your program pointed out that I found most enlightening:
1. Manage everything with metrics, "You can't manage it if you don't measure it"
2. Determine the key "anger points" that will enrage and engage your base
3. Focus your message and actions on addressing solutions to those key anger points
4. Attack, Attack, Attack your competitor on those key anger point issues
5. Learn from history and analyze situations from the past to understand how to manage the present

These are great lessons to learn, not only in politics, but also in business and organization management. Thank you Frontline for helping me see this effective strategy process mastered by Karl Rove.

David Wilkie
Chicago, Illinois


Dumbocrats still don't comprehend that America wanted and voted for Bush/Cheney. Get over it. Every president has someone who organized their campaign so what's the issue? Need we go back to the Goldwater campaign and the girl pulling petals off a flower followed by an atomic bomb explosion? No dirty trick or hyperbole with that one, right? All of you are amusing. Wait until we get Hillary.

Pete Dukoski
Port Richey, FL


While I am a great admirer of you show, this time I have to say to little, to late.

Karl Rove and his master plan should have been unmasked on national television by you in the months before the last presidential election. While this show was important, there is no recourse now except to endure the current administration and pray that America can rebound from the economic and social hardships this architect is creating.

This episode makes me painfully aware, once again, of how truly important Public Television is to inform and protect our society from people and groups that have the money to prevert the flow on information to America's citizens.

JM Birdsong


Thank you for the episode on "The Architect." I agree with many of the other comments expressing a desire for more probing information on this man and what makes him tick. Although, I think your presentation made it fairly easy for most of us to fill in the blanks.

The formidable intelligence possessed by Rove is one of an acute ability to exploit. Rove has made an art form of the exploitation of fear, but he equally exploits issues of morality and sexuality in a way that has led to intense divisions in this country.

Rove is correct - fear is fantastic motivator. At what point will we be motivated by the fear of a future as designed and built by this architect?

Craig Anderson
Ashland, OR


This should be "MUST SEE TV" for all Democratic Party Leaders and Campaign Managers. You should make an expanded version and give us more detail!

"Frustrated that we are getting run over!"
- Illinois

Ann Marie Testa


What struck me about this program is that its central point was the Carl is a dirty political genius who used the homosexual wedge to win the White House for Bush in 2004. The program featured several right-leaning critics of Bush's anti-gay marriage rhetoric (notice no action), but no one to defend Bush - an imbalance if you ask me or anyone.

My take on 2004 is that Bush edged out Kerry over Iraq. People saw Kerry as weak and inconsistent and was therefore a less appealing option than Bush who made some head-strong mistakes, but remained optimistic and resolute.

Complaining that the religious right and social conservatives turned out for Bush seems as obvious as blacks turning out for Kerry. The narrow margin centered on Iraq and made the difference. Viva la difference!

John Kraman


This was such a soft-shoe version of "Bush's Brain". At no point did the story place Rove's tactics in a questionable light. As a documentary, it would not be objective to castigate his behavior, it should have at least displayed his handy work relative to McCain and Kerry. It is common knowledge that Rove inserted the nasty rumor that John McCain had a black baby, insinuating that he fathered an African American child, thus playing into the prejudices of South Carolinians. In fact his child was Sri Lankin and was adopted. The debate between Bush and McCain was edited by the Frontline program to exclude the challenge McCain made to Bush about the accusations. This editing made it seem that the only issue in South Carolina was the Viet Nam Vet issue. I don't understand why the producers exluded this material, for it showed Rove to be the nastiest operative in US political history.

Michael Shannon
Mill Valley, California


The program Karl Rove: The Architect brought forth a very important fact concerning modern American politics. It is not the candidate that is elected to office, nor is it that individuals ideas, intellect, qualifications, nor even their partys political platform which is decided upon in the polls. Instead, it is often a simplistic message, conceived by manipulative propagandists, which drives the electorate to the voting booths. As clearly pointed out in the program by Frontline, this message does not necessarily require any veracity. Especially in the attacks against political opponents.

The Republican Party, under Karl Roves direction, has successfully motivated their conservative base with just such messages. The cause and affect of these machinations is such that Mr. Rove now has his fame and fortune secured as a political genius, and the American people now have a President that is challenged with basic English skills, who managed to alienate strategic European allies, and who has a vision of spreading democracy throughout much of the Middle East by imposing the threat of military adventurism, regardless of the cost and sacrifice involved.

Domestically the net results of Mr. Roves ambitions are that Evangelicals, and other right wing bigots, have extended their religious intolerance, and their insipid beliefs onto the national arena vicariously through the 2000 & 2004 elections. The legislative results of this are yet to be determined, but the economic results are readily apparent.

Clearly, the opponents of the Republicans will learn from Mr. Roves strategy, and perhaps even improve upon it in the future. The danger lies in the fact that with such political strategies employed in elections a liberal socialist left wing version of George W. Bush could be elected to the Presidency, with a sweep of the U.S. House and Senate.

Richard Charitat
Houston, Texas


Frontline's program on Karl Rove left me with feelings of dread, disgust and a certainty that, only an organized,grassroots movement can work against this man and those he propelled into unbridled, longterm power.

While I can admire his scholarship and historical knowledge, even that is hypocritical given the anti-intellectual stance of his party and his president. The only reasons I can think of for the program's lack of detail on Rove's personal, private life are a) He is so powerful and well protected that even the all-pervasive media can't dredge up his history, b) Frontline decided to avoid his personal life because his pattern of retribution frightened even PBS or c) He really has no personal life. Since I find the last option highly unlikely and Frontline is one of the few media programs that still seems to stubbornly attempt balance, I choose option a. What a frightening man who has inflamed, encouraged and mobilized those who would infect our government with their own exclusive,elitist,religious beliefs & fears. Perhaps the rapture will come soon, so I will no longer have to fear!

Peg Steinman
Cincinnati, Ohio


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posted april 12, 2005

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