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Typical of "FRONTLINE," tonight's on Rove was not just yet another example of the finest in television journalism but a sadly overdue probe of an individual who for decades has refreshed that old phrase, "the power behind the throne"! . Anyone feeling queasy about Rove and willing to cope with even more details about the man who takes "attack" literally and sees Bush as the persona for the fame and global power he can never relish ought to get this book. Most of all, "FRONTLINE" stripped away any remaining pretenses that the party Rove helped step to center stage sincerely plans to "bring democracy" to the globe. Rove generously embodies democracy? I am sufficiently sane to continue to reject that finely sculpted public image. Ideologue? Yes. On a grand power trip? Yes. Beyond the reach of informed critics? Yes -- and his refusal to be interviewed illustrates the fact. Rove is the Pit Bull he so closely resembles.

Frederick Rodgers
Portland, Oregon


Frontline, as usual, was brilliant, but as always, too short. If left to really delve into Rove with Frontline, I feel that all Americans could sense the sheer brilliant brutality of this man,& even the right wingers would shudder with the fear he can and does instill. That he came of age "with Nixon" as myself and most of my friends of Rove's age were repelled by Nixon and the war....is not surprising at all. I don't think it was so much that he and George W. meshed (I mean the disparity of intellect is so apparent), but that sr. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, meshed and ruthlessly went about the business of drumming the religious troops and dismantling democracy in politics as we knew it in a way never seen before is/was startling.

Susan Roulier-Jones
Las Vegas, Nevada


I have heard it said that Rove is an "student" of Machiavelli, and his practices seem to be entirely consistent with a "Machiavellian" approach to government with George Bush in the role of "The Prince".
It would have been very informative to have pointed that out in the program as it explains many of his tactics.
"Whatever the form of government, Machiavelli held, only success and glory really matter."
"The Prince" by Machiavelli should have been required reading
before anyone voted in the 2004 election!

Larry Johnson
Woodinville, wa


It is stunning that this program on Rove missed COMPLETELY the key pillar in the Rove Smear machine -

The tight Administration control, cooperation and coordination with Fox "News" and the right wing, Republican national talk radio propaganda network.

I am surprised at Frontline airing a program with such a gross error of omission.

William Steel
Santa Clara, CA


For the first time, since the "assault" on the very basic tenants of our great country have been "under attack", I feel hopeful! Thank you, Frontline, for having the courage to bring the facts of the "Rove Manipulation" to the forefront, where it beongs! I found your program both informative and factual. I have often thought of the children's story - throughout the BushII presidency-of the Emperor who had no clothes! We, the American middle class, are the "viewers" of this charade! Frontline has brought a program that could be the "first step" in beginning to "unspin" the Bush "fairytale!

Vivian Patterson


So much of his early formation was missing, the details of the dirty tricks he engaged in from college through the last presidential race were missing...it seemed like a whitewash of this Ubermensch. I have seen much more probing exposes on Frontline, and believe you missed an important opportunity to shed the light of truth on this extraordinarily secretive public enemy.

Alex Riske


Frontline told us little about his college years, but scarcely anything about his life afterwards. Does he have a family? Is he currently married? Does he profess any religion? He does not hesitate to use knowledge of a person's private life, but we know nothing about his own, other than his political activity. Is he as much of a mystery as the press seems to indicate--or not indicate? It appears that he chooses to hide behind a veil of anonymity.

Arthur Lindberg
Ashland, Oregon


I thought this was an unbiased presentation of a very controversial figure. I learned much about the man and his strategy, but a fundamental and disturbing issue still remains.

His/their winning approach, although statistically successful, is based upon the oppression of a minority group, namely gays. I find this despicable, and will never be interested in supporting any party if this is part of the strategy. We need to have an inclusive society, and it is clear that being gay is a trait one is born with and it has been that was since the beginning of time and across species.

If the majority, who will always be heterosexuals, want to trumpet that as if it's a philosophy, then our society will be forever enmired in ugly politics. We need to evolve beyond this, just as we have moved on from slavery and women's suffrage.

Just for the record, I am hetero, but have enlightened parents who made it clear to me, despite their both being staunch Republicans their entire lives, that we need to allow ALL people to pursue happiness with equal opportunity. The Republican party used to stand for that. It no longer does, and I hope that it changes sooner rather than later. It will have to eventually -- history shows us that if we pay attention.

Steve Sicotte
Portland, OR


Rove is a virus. I agree with the comments from Katherine Brown from Greensville. There was way too little coverage on the unethical, immoral, and illegal "dirty tricks" of Rove and Bush. However, a great job on the inner workings of their strategies and tactics. I can't understand why "moderate" Republicans choose to align themselves with the Neocons.

Jay Olson
Portland, Oregon


Wow! I just saw the program about Karl Rove. I have heard many stories about him, but I never heard the detail like this program has shown. I was horrified at his genius.

I am a senior in high school and this program may have changed my life. I was already an ardent defender of kerry in the 04 election in a school with a large majority of right wingers. The deception is sickening. He is trying to destroy our country to further some idealistic libertarian cause. Social security was not meant to be a personal account ever. It was and is a security blanket for our country and no one has the right to opt out because they feel like they could spend their money better than the government.
The idea of using anger points which I noticed were utilized on every issue in the last election is startling. The domination of fear and hate instead of calm rational thought clearly shows the intellectual decline of our country. Its easy to hate gays because they are different.
However, once one looks into the issues and ignores their instinctual irrational angry reaction they can see that gays are not abhorrent or new. They have been around forever. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but the biblical interpretation of why the religious right hates gays may have a logical reason. In ancient times men were raped when they were conquered in order to show the dominance of the conquering army. This outlawing of homosexuality is no longer needed. Since there loving homosexuals who have every right as straight people do to get married. It seems that Rove is tapping into the massive ignorance of people in ways progressives have never fathomed.
Anyways, that was a great program.

michael shawe
Philadelphia, pa


Thank you

1) Karl Rove is genuis....sheer genius. Whether or not you agree with his convictions...that really doesn't matter. The fact is, he has honed his skills, learned his trade, listened to thousands of diverse peoples, and he knows "what the majority of the people want." He is obviously diligent, studious, and is a very successful "general in the political world." You have to give him credit for knowing how to win. Also you have to admire his "long term goal orientation," and his ability to "see he big picture" and to stick to his agenda."

2) In my civilian life, I serve as the Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Baptist Ministires,a nd I can tell you, that while most of our folks don't know a reat deal about Mr. Rove...they certainly have been touched, motivated and inspired by the "man and his message." Our people are Democrat, Republican, and Independent, and they are activists...and tey vote. As a whole, they also have a true love and admiration for President George W. Bush. Why? Largely due to the efforts of Mr. Rove, and his colleagues.

3) In speaking with scores of military personnel, they alsmot unanimously support Presidnet George W. Bush. Creed dosn't matter, color, politics, race, religion or background. They truly believe in "the President and his message," and much of that credit goes to Mr. Rove's dedication and work.

4) Frankly, I would be honored to have Presidnet Bush, or Mr. Rove...in any funcion or activity that I am connected with. They indeed have the "ear of the people," and the respect of the

5) The President is perceived to be a very sincere man, dedicated to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith..and yet showing great tolerance in the vein of George Washington. He is also seen as a presidnent who can make tough decisions, protect his people, and "lead with class." Frankly, that perception appeals to millions. Again, Mr. Rove was right!

6) This presentation by PBS was nothing short of stellar. As always, they demonstrate "excellence in journalism," and need to be commended and supported, in their many worthy projects.

CH (LTC) Jeff Burnsed
Jacksonville, FL


I was shocked and remain continually amazed at the American people to think Geroge W. Bush was elected based on the marketing and propaganda campaign promoted by Karl Rove. I have never been for limiting the terms of our elected officials as it really takes away choice from the American people but in this case, I am glad we have term limits.

George W.Bush is trying to take away the New Deal and what we really need is a New, New Deal and a new president.

Carol Kieval
Houston, Texas


Your program on Karl Rove seemed at the same time both fascination and chilling. I find his 30-year obsession with and dedication to conservative Republican dominance down right scary. This guy has no family, no personal life?? Mr. Rove seems not so much moved by the morality or importance of issues to the American people as he is by the "electiblilty" of issues. He appears amoral. Like carbon dioxide he is faceless, odorless and deadly.

Johanna Anderson
Osage, IA


Rove is an evil man. But what he has done should be required reading for every Democratic strategist. Democrats need to learn from his evil tricks and his ingenious manipulation to rebuild.

Nathaniel Ament-Stone
Winfield, IL


All that was missing from your report on Mr Rove was the credit line "written and directed by Karl Rove." Frontline was once capable of much more in-depth reporting. But as whitewashes go one must say you folks have come to realize who butters your bread. And who would that be?

Larry Woodall
Springdale, AR


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posted april 12, 2005

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