once upon a time in arkansas
Tracking the Rose Law Firm Records

Shortly after Vince Foster's death on July 20, 1993, a group of files were moved from his office to a closet near Hillary's office in the Clintons' personal quarters on the third floor of the White House.

One item which may have been among those files were the billing records from the Rose Law Firm which documented Hillary Clinton's legal work on Jim McDougal's Castle Grande real estate deal. These records had been the subject of various investigative subpoenas but had been missing for over two years. They mysteriously resurfaced in January 1996 when Carolyn Huber, a White House aide, came upon them in her office and recognized them as the missing files. She later testified that she had moved them to her office from Hillary's book room six months earlier while straightening up, but had not realized their significance at the time.

For security reasons, an exact floorplan of the third floor of the White House is not available to the public. This reproduction is based on blueprints from the last time the third floor was renovated, during the Truman administration.

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