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viet dinh
As counsel for the Senate Whitewater Committee, Viet Dinh was chiefly responsible for investigating circumstances surrounding the removal of the Clintons' personal files from Vince Foster's office shortly after his death. Dinh was also tasked with investigating the disappearance and mysterious reappearance of the Rose Law Firm billing records. Dinh's interview covers the significance of those billing records and how they appear to directly tie Hillary Clinton to the fraudulent Castle Grande deal. Dinh currently is a professor of law at Georgetown University.

jim mcdougal
Jim McDougal's long-time friendship and business association with the Clintons placed him at the epicenter of the Whitewater controversy. Convicted on multiple counts of financial fraud relating to the Castle Grande land deal, McDougal cooperated with the independent counsel and alleged that the President and First Lady committed perjury when questioned about their role in events surrounding Castle Grande. McDougal died of a heart attack in a Texas prison on March 8, 1998.

susan mcdougal
As a young college student at Ouachita Baptist University, Susan Henley met and married Professor Jim McDougal. Susan went to prison for refusing to answer questions before the Whitewater Grand Jury. The independent counsel believed her testimony could shed light on whether President Clinton was involved in helping to arrange a $300,000 loan that, a jury determined, Susan obtained fraudulently from Judge David Hale in 1986. In June 1998, after 21 months of imprisonment, a Federal judge in Arkansas freed Susan McDougal for medical reasons.

don denton
A former bank examiner, Don Denton was the loan officer on the original Whitewater loan to the McDougals and Clintons in 1978. Denton later went to work for Madison Guaranty, Jim McDougal's Savings and Loan, where he documented loans relating to the "sham" Castle Grande transactions. Investigators believe an April, 1986 conversation Denton had with then-Rose Law attorney Hillary Clinton implicates the First Lady in the fraudulent Castle Grande deal. Denton's interview offers a close-up look at the environment and transactions at Jim McDougal' s bank, in particular, the Castle Grande deal.

david watkins
A long-time Arkansas friend and supporter of Bill Clinton, David Watkins served as campaign manager for Clinton's 1992 Presidential bid. After the election, Watkins went to Washington where he ran day-to-day operations at the White House until, in 1993, he resigned following a controversy surrounding his use of a presidential helicopter for a golf outing. This is the first time Watkins has spoken on the record about his relationship with the President and his disappointment with Clinton during his last day at the White House.

claudia riley
The widow of former Arkansas Governor Bob Riley, Claudia Riley has been a long-time personal friend of the McDougals and the Clintons. The Riley's home in Arkadelphia was a common meeting place for many of the state's rising political stars.

bill henley
The brother of Susan McDougal, Bill Henley was an Arkansas State Senator and sold real estate for Jim McDougal, through a subsidiary of Madison Guaranty.

Paul & Mary Lee Fray
Paul Fray served as campaign manager for Bill Clinton's unsuccessful Congressional race in 1974. Paul Fray became close to Clinton, who was best man at the Fray's wedding.

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