vincefoster's journal, meeting w/ HRC

1st discussion - attempt to reconstruct
     go see re HC, enterprise liab, viability possibility
                   Q - when will (HC) analysis be finished
     To the effect what going on with the TvL off thing
Are you on top of it?

DK whether brought up mgment or wrongdoing
or both or she brought up  mgment  
            and I brought up wrongdoing 
or she brought up [?]
and I brought up 2 segments
or just 

What's going on? Are you on top of it?
Trying to determine if there is actual wrongdoing
Assigned to WK

gen'l impatience (wrong word)
gen'l frustration - I respond we just heard about it
(probab made me made at criticism and 
frustrated no auditors
Q did HT say anything?

Editors' Note:
This is the first private review written by Vince Foster of the two meetings he had with Hillary in which she was plainly annoyed and eager for something to be done about the Travel Office mess she'd been hearing about from Harry. Note that in recollecting her mood, Vince wrote to himself "general impatience," and then thought himself ungallant and changed "impatience" to "frustration."

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