vincefoster's journal, inquiry

I related I had a later discussion on
Thurs (evening?) also may have included health
care in which I advised her outside auditors 
were being used and probably told her they would
[start Friday morning].

I told him I may have had a few short, incidental, 
non-substantive discussions subsequently
to pass on my understanding from DW of status, 
which changed.

After discussing other issues
we mutually exchanged views that 
HRC is preceived as being involved 
in decisions and events in which she has no 

Editors' Note:
Note that Vince completely soft-pedals Hillary's instigative questioning of him about the Travel Office, and his omission of her bad mood. He passes her interest in the matter off as a kind of benign curiosity, and then characterizes his subsequent conversations with her -- which were, in fact, grillings -- as "a few, short, incidental, non-substantive discussions."

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