once upon a time in arkansas


Excellent story, Frontline! It helped clear up the confusion of Whitewater. Although information packed, a sentence or two more may have shed further light. For example, the "alleged" S&L scandal caused by Hillary at the Rose Law Firm is the same thing blasted by the Clintons and the press as part of the "Decade of Greed." Also, while Clinton lovers say the Whitewater investigation is dragging on for years and costing a lot of money, the truth is that the continued stonewalling is the real result of the delays. Love your web page. Thanks.



What a superior piece of work. While acknowledging an anti-Clinton bias, and understanding that I am pre-disposed to believe all of the evidence presented in the worst possible light, I can not believe that there have not been indictments of everyone (including Hillary and Bill) involved. Your reporting, in my mind, explored not only the physical evidence but also the underlying motivations of the various parties. Congratulations on an excellent production.

Bob Peterson
Cary, IL


I could not disagree more with the comment by Mr. Mink of the NY Daily News, " At the end of the hour, however, ... viewers are unlikely to shed the 'so what?' feeling most have had about this story since it first surfaced.". I am not pro-Clinton, but did have the 'so what?' feeling ~before~ the show. I find the obstruction of justice (aggravated by the use of political leverage to achieve this) by the Clintons and/or parties acting on their behalf reprehensible. Good work.

Greg Cohen
Los Angeles, CA


Beautifully and professionally done production. Most impressive. A lot of work went into this production, as was obvious from the quality of the show.

I am curious why you didn't elect to contrast this Clinton-Arkansas saga more clearly with the events that unfolded back in the '70's with Watergate.

The evidence presented in your program last night was alone far more concrete and moving than were the evidentiary factors leading to the proper downfall of President Nixon. Consequently, many of your viewers might surely wonder why--especially with the opposing party in office, as was the case with Nixon--the Republicans don't act on all the obvious and extraordinarily high levels of deceit that have been involved with the present administration-- and take the appropriate measures necessary to restore respect to our nation's highest office.

The present hearings on Campaign abuse are but another example of hard evidence arising, but with no apparent sincere intent to take the corrective actions appropriate. So much oratory, yet so little movement towards the prescribed remedies.

In fact, this viewer is given to wondering why such blatantly clear deceptions and press manipulations, as we saw in the alleged "suicide" of Vincent Foster, have never been objectively covered by the major media; and why Kenneth Starr's investigation appears virtually toothless--almost as though it were but some sort of palliative exercise for public entertainment and idle consumption. How is it that the Clintons appear so thoroughly teflonized?

The number of close associates and friends of the Clintons alone, who have perished during their tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by other than natural causes, is beyond alarming and easily explained as mere coincidence. Many of us are incredulous at all these bizarre events, but mostly we are appalled at how blasé the media treats it all. Have you thought of exploring this anomaly?

Your release of this project at this time, coupled with some other similar revelations and more current public airings, could lead the more cynical among us to wonder if the power brokers have finally decided that the Clinton family has served its good purposes and is now to be carefully exorcised from our White House.

I don't think such musings are easily discounted at paranoid nor "wacko," but rather the not atypical thoughts of many of us, whose powers of observation, reason and common sense are still intact.

Please commission more such insightful and gutsy projects--and not just to placate the current budget controlling and grant giving Republican majority in Congress. So it for us; please.

Your viewers are those who really tend to care about our nation's future. Your ability and willingness to bring us the facts we need; in as objective and dispassionate a way as possible, is always appreciated and respected.

Our country's fourth estate needs to reclaim it's proper role as the public guardian.
I would venture that this show was a step towards re-establishing this sort of credibility.

Good work!
Eric (Ric) Lambart
San Diego, Ca


My perspective echoes perfectly the comment made by John Luppert above. The allegations against the Clintons are still unsubstantiated; I am no wiser coming out than wherein I entered. If I judge the program by the comments, it satisfied the Republican right by its contention of fire under all the smoke. Did I miss any and all references to that very sensible book, "Fools for Scandal" by Gene Lyons, or was it just ignored?

Bill Rigby
Fountain Hills, AZ


Overall I thought last night's program on the Clintons was excellent. However, like most reporting on this issue the central points were again missed.

President Clinton and his pals may be unethical, but there are no laws against being unethical, and congress does not have the power to remove an unethical president. The power to remove an unethical president is reserved to the voters.

Congress does not have the power to remove a president from office for crimes he may have committed when he was not president. The President is not legally responsible for the actions of his wife, and cannot be removed from office for her actions.

Unless the Congressional investigating committees or the special prosecutors office are ready to prove obstruction of justice or some other CRIME, I suggest they stop wasting our time and money.

If ethics trouble us when it come to our politicians the answer is to vote them out of office.

Paul Sherman
Madison, WI


Thanks for the report "Once Upon a Time in Arkansas". *THESE* are the kind of reports that make PBS so incredibly valuable. Thanks for presenting it as it is and a big thanks for choosing controversial subjects.

Without programs like yours PBS would be just another inane TV station. Programs like yours are the barometer of freedom in a nation.

Bill and Susan


Don't try to pose Hillary as the scapegoat of the 20th century. She will probably be looked upon as the most influential first ladies since Elenor Roosevelt. But good reporting. Hard to hear but enlightening.

Forrest Wagg
Oakland, CA


Please thank Kirk, Boyer and Young and others responsible for attempting to present the facts in the Clinton/Whitewater issue. The public does care about this issue; the public does want coverage of it and the public does want the truth to be found out. Obviously, the cover-up is old and deep. Unfortunately for America, the Clintons have cost us a great deal. Please keep covering their actions. Again, Frontline continues to be a good program.



Thank you for taking the time to research and prepare the story about "Whitewater" and the Clintons role in the Castle Grande transactions. It amazes me that the country and in particular the "liberal media" have been so silent on this and other issues of integrity relating to the highest office in the land. I can only hope our country wakes up and makes a statement about how we expect elected officials of either part to conduct themselves. How can you expect citizens to trust and respect either a media or other elected officials when they tolerate the appearance of impropriety such as this. No politician or political party should be protected in the face of such allegations. Maybe there is hope for public television after all. Truly, if you don't do it, who will? Be the voice for justice and positive leadership that is, irrespective of political alignment.

Don Wildfang
Dallas, Oregon


Congratulations PBS! I found tonight's airing of FRONTLINE into the Whitewater events to be very informative and well produced. Unfortunately, for me personally, It raised more questions in my mind about The President's and First Lady's involvement than it does to quell those questions that I have had. Its is beyond my comprehension that as a citizen struggling to make ends meet and being held accountable to my actions everyday in life, How insulated our government officials truly are. Your show was a very informative piece, but highly distressing. Thank you for bringing such fine programming to Television.

Kyle Kearney
League City, Texas


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