Betting on the Market

Special Reports

"What is Wealth?" by Peter Bernstein.
A veteran investment adviser and financial historian offers anecdotes of living through bear markets and dealing with some hysterical clients. He also outlines ideas on what kind of a bear market we might expect to have when The Moment arrives.

"Young Investors & the Market" by Ken Kurson.
34% of under-35 households are in stock mutual funds. What will this younger investor generation do - what should they do - if the market heads south? Kurson edits a personal finance magazine for the younger/amateur investor.

"The Long, Soaring Bull Market:
Why We're Not Having Fun"
by Joseph Nocera

A few years ago, FRONTLINE correspondent Nocera wrote a book on how average Americans became avid investors. Now he explains why their investing passion remains, but their enjoyment of this bull market seems to have disappeared.

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