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Understanding the Crisis
How It Works
The California ISO site offers this helpful diagram which explains the basics of the state's generation, transmission, and distribution processes.
Deregulating California's Electric Utilities
This table from offers a clear before-and-after overview of how California's deregulation process has transformed the generation, transmission, and distribution of the state's electricity.
California Energy Data
This site, maintained by Dennis Silverman of the University of California-Irvine Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, offers several concise fact sheets, and links to other helpful energy information sites.
Peak Demand and Electrical Energy Sources
This page contains a chart listing the online capacity of California's various energy sources.

California Power Lines, Hydroelectric Power, and Natural Gas
This page has statistics on the ownership of the state's transmission lines, and prices of nuclear power and natural gas.

California Energy Maps
On its web site, the California Energy Commission has published maps of the state's energy infrastructure and service providers, including the location of the state's power plants, the ownership of its major transmission lines, and the areas serviced by the California ISO.
California's Power Play:  Media Reports
A joint production of four California PBS stations, the web site for the program "California's Power Play" contains a section with daily updates of the latest developments on the power crisis from news sources throughout California and the U.S.

California Independent System Operator
The California Independent System Operator (ISO) is a private nonprofit organization that manages the operation of the state's transmission system and power grids. Its web site publishes continuous updates of daily electricity forecasts.
California Public Utilities Commission
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulates the state's electricity companies and authorizes any utility rate changes.
California's Energy Challenge
This web site offers details on Governor Gray Davis' initiatives to combat California's energy crisis from both the demand and supply sides.

The Utilities

The three largest private utilities in California are Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric. Their web sites contain tips on energy conservation and consumer information about the potential for rolling blackouts.

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