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john ellis

He is George W. Bush's cousin and peer and provides insight into the Bush family dynamic, particularly George W.'s relationship with his father.
tom grieve

He was the general manager of the Texas Rangers and currently serves as a broadcaster for the team.
doug hannah

He was a Houston friend of George W. Bush. He provides insight on George's relationship with his family and about life in Houston in the 1970s.
clay johnson

He attended Andover and Yale with George W. Bush and was one of his DKE fraternity brothers.
mary matalin

She is currently a host of the CNN talk show "Crossfire" and served as political director of President Bush's 1992 re-election campaign, and as a staffer on his '88 presidential bid.
jim pinkerton

He was an advisor to President Bush's 1988 campaign. He speaks about George W. Bush's role in President Bush's campaign and the relationship between father and son.
randall roden

He was a childhood friend of George W. Bush, and provides insight on Bush's early experience in Midland, Texas.
doug wead

He is an Assembly of God evangelist who was Vice President Bush's liaison to the Christian Right.
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Social Security, Education, Health Care and more--what's he for and against? Read FRONTLINE'S issues briefs.

Find out what has shaped his life. Read FRONTLINE'S chronology
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Watch exclusive video of Laura and Tipper, the candidates and their fathers.
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View "The Choice" photo gallery-- explore the lives of the candidates in pictures

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