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are you sure?
diary of an undecided voter: watch their video profiles and follow their online diaries
william baker
semi-retired episcopal priest
79 years old
photo of william baker
colleen devereux
web editor for a large private university
25 years old
photo of colleen devereux
joseph jordan
vice president of marketing at an architecture and design firm
30 years old
photo of joseph jordan
jean pretto
car saleswoman
50 years old
photo of jean pretto
kim kepple
works in public relations from a home office
51 years old
photo of kim pepple
voter update
With the election over, four of our undecideds pulled the lever for Gore. Although the week before the election Jean was planning on doing her "Republican family proud", for her it finally came down to "keeping things status quo". Bill remained firmly in the Gore camp and Kim held steady for Bush. Joseph voted for the very first time at age 30 for Al Gore. Colleen felt that as a single, middle-income earner, she was neglected by both candidates during the campaign. But in the end she feels that Gore has the necessary experience. "All in all" she said "this has been a disappointing choice".
When did you decide who you were voting for in this year's presidential election--during the brief battles of the primary season or after "the kiss"?

This September, FRONTLINE identified five undecided voters in St. Louis County, Missouri. Missourians almost always pick the winner in presidential elections.(Click for more on Missouri--America's "political weather vane.") We profiled these five undecided voters--Who are they? What influences have shaped their politics? What's the nature of their indecision this year? Then we asked them to keep an online diary during this election season. During the weeks leading up to election day, FRONTLINE tracked their progress toward a final decision.

Who did they vote for? Did their votes turn on issues or personalities? Did they think about the election like you did? Or were their concerns and feelings about the candidates foreign and frustrating to you? Follow their stories. Tell your own.

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