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A Company of Soldiers
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Any restrictions on what could be filmed? What was Dog's Company's primary job? Why were they always in danger? What about the film's graphic language?

Innovating & Improvising

How, in the chaos of Iraq, junior officers like those in Dog Company, are sharing war's lessons and teaching each other how to think and fight creatively


Four members of Dog Company talk about the political situation on the ground, the threat from insurgents, and the death of a soldier

producer's notebook

Producer Edward Jarvis describes the experience of being embedded, and the sights and sounds of a month in Baghdad

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posted feb. 22, 2005

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Over 30 days and 26 missions, the story of the men of Dog Company -- the Army's 1-8 Calvary Regiment stationed in South Baghdad on the bank of the Tigris River.  The final battle for Iraq will be won or lost in places like this and by soldiers like these.


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Pictured: Top row left to right - Pfc. Benjamin Morgan, Spc. Dennis Cline, Sgt. Shane Carpenter, Sgt. Gabriel Garcia Sr. Middle row - Pvt. Josue Reyes. Bottom row left to right - Spc. Erik Noveda, Sgt. Cesar Cruz, Capt. Jason Whiteley, Pvt. Joseph Creswell (photo courtesy Edward Jarvis)