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The Soldier's Heart
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The Soldier's Heart: The military teaches  soldiers how to fight, how to kill,  how to survive. But who teaches them  how to live with themselves?  Examining an underreported story of the Iraq war:  the psychological  cost on those who fight it.updates
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video: additional stories
Inside a therapy group for Marines ... interviews with four veterans from three different wars

support & services
Organizations that can help and advise service members and veterans

Military and mental health experts talk about war's psychological toll and how the military is handling the problem.

a reporter's journey
Were the stories that a young Marine told his family about his war experience in Iraq, truth or illusion?

what the experts say
The impact of battle and how to prepare the soldier ... PTSD vs. combat stress ... the obstacles in getting help ... is the military doing enough?

Human resiliency ... the mental health of troops returning from Iraq ... poetry and prose of war over the decades ... more.

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posted march 1, 2005

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