Secret History of the Credit Card
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» American Banker

"…The show is shaping up as a long hour for credit card executives, not to mention their representatives and regulators."

» Boston Globe Joanna Weiss

"… the saddest truth 'Frontline' reveals: the way people play into the hands of these banking practices while convincing themselves that they are actually being responsible. This is a true example of knowledge as power: a show that makes you want to shut the TV off and go pay some bills, in full."

» The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Rob Owen

"…The film takes a typical tack of pitting pro-business Goliaths against poor, unwitting consumer Davids. Sometimes the case is overstated -- whatever happened to personal fiscal responsibility? -- but most of the time it's not.

"If nothing else, this 'Frontline' clearly illuminates the marketing techniques banks use."

» Detroit Free Press Mike Duffy

"…They [the banking industry] want us hooked on their exorbitant interest rates, running up debts. Sweet. And so is 'Frontline' correspondent Lowell Bergman's excellent, eye-opening report..."

» The Oakland Tribune Susan Young

"…Bergman ... once again presents a provocative, informative piece, this time on the state of the credit card industry."

» Steve Rhodes

"...many people aren't aware credit card companies can raise their rates even if they never miss a payment. Correspondent Lowell Bergman provides a good history of these changes."

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posted nov. 23, 2004

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