Secret History of the Credit Card
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Tapes & Transcripts

» Tapes

Home videos of Secret History of the Credit Card are available through ShopPBS in DVD format.

Educational video of Secret History of the Credit Card are available for purchase by schools, libraries, and other educational institutions through Shop PBS for Teachers in DVD format, or through PBS Video by calling 1-877-PBS-SHOP, by faxing your order to 866-274-9043 (include item title and number and credit card information), or by mailing your order to:

PBS Video
PO Box 609
Melbourne, FL 32902-0609
(include check, money order, or credit card information with your order)

VHS copies are no longer available.

» Transcripts

You can download and print out a transcript of Secret History of the Credit Card from this page of the site. ="\1"This is the only place where you can access a transcript of this report. It is not available anywhere else.

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posted nov. 23, 2004

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