the lost american SPECIAL REPORTS

Fred Cuny's Journey to Chechnya

Mark Frohardt was Fred Cuny's close friend and colleague. He offers here his assessment of the frustrations facing humanitarians like Cuny when dealing with situations like Chechnya or Rwanda and the incompetence of officials and bureaucracies.

Seeing the Forest AND the Trees - the Big and Small Pictures of Humanitarian Emergencies

Lionel A. Rosenblatt is president of Refugees International and worked alongside Fred Cuny in Bosnia. In this article Rosenblatt summarizes why Cuny was such a unique figure in the humanitarian relief community. He also outlines three major gaps in the international response to recent crises.

The Transformation of Fred Cuny

Here's a summary of what changed the young Fred Cuny from a Barry Goldwater supporter and Marine hopeful to a maverick, liberal, humanitarian relief worker. It's written by Christopher Buchanan who was associate producer for FRONTLINE's "The Lost American" documentary.

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