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The Perversities of Cloning
Many experts predict human cloning will occur within the first decade of the 21st century (a technique similar to the one used to create the cloned sheep Dolly already is being used in advanced reproductive medicine). Eminent bioethicist Leon R. Kass outlines why he believes cloning differs in essential and important ways from other advanced human reproductive techniques.
Do Married Couples Have a 'Right' to a Child?
This 1991 article summarizes why the Catholic Church opposes artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization--both of which are widely used techniques for couples with infertility problems.
For over two decades this non-profit association has offered support and information for people dealing with infertility. Collected on this site are publications and fact sheets, referrals on physicians and clinics and local support groups. It also offers links to alternative sources including adoption information.
California Cryobank
You can select your very own sperm donor profile at this California sperm bank's site (go to "Donor Power Search"). The site also offers information on the clinic's services including donor match, genetic counseling and, a history of semen banks.
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
This organization for medical professionals offers information for infertility patients on current clinical trials, state insurance laws and publications on ART procedures.
The Fertility Race
An interesting site produced by Minnesota Public Radio--it is a companion to their 1997 radio series--which looks at infertility through various perspectives: from the history of infertility in the U.S., to a picture tour of a high tech lab, to issues of insurance for treatments, nontraditional families seeking help, and HIV patients.
1996 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report
This report details the success/failure rates at U.S. fertility clinics and also presents other statistics on a variety of ART procedures. The report is the only one of its kind and it's prepared by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at the Center for Disease Control.
The American Surrogacy Center
For those who are considering using surrogacy or egg donation, this site contains information as well as online support groups, message boards and articles.

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