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Your report called "The Fixers" was well done and I watched it through, but I am afraid that it is waste of time because it will be tossed off by the Left as more Clinton Bashing.

It does not matter what is reported or brought forth to the public, the response always seems to be "well, if it happened, it happened yesterday. Leave Clinton alone and let him get on with the business of running the government."

The "First President to care in 8 years" "Feels our pain" yet surrounds himself with questionable characters who constantly go down in scandal ridden flames. He repeatedly says he didn't know or nothing was done unlawful, yet he presumes to tell us what is "wrong".

I wish the public would wake up to what is possibly the most corrupt administration in the history of the country, but it will take something on the level of Pearl Harbor to shake the people out of a feeling of complacency.

Charles Tarrant
Lone Oak, Texas

After viewing this episode of FRONTLINE, I can truly believe the practices of the DNC are also the practices of the president. I have no doubt that our president can be as naive as to deny any facts coming to light. What is more obvious everyday is the president is attempting to shield himself from any controversy by feigning ignorance (that old Ronald Reagan tactic).

Vincent Bruneo

A fascinating and sickening tale of third rate corruption, involving third rate venues and third rate personalities. One wonders how these empty people can access government at such levels. Perhaps if Janet Reno can access a browser, she can find a reason to appoint a special counsel. Granted it's not children praying in Waco, but maybe she can still manage to focus on it.

I have always been suspicious of PBS's media bias until I saw last nights Frontline. I have followed White Water and the Clinton's campaign scandals but, to my amazement, had never heard of the Lums. This was the most indicting report against our President and the Democratic Party I have seen yet. It seems odd to me that the two men who could potentially hurt the President the most, Ron Brown and Vince Foster, are now not able to be subpoenaed....

Mark McPhilimy
Chandler, AZ

As distressing as this reporting is, we know that more will be coming as fine people like Peter Boyer probe deeper. It seems like Washington functions as if we, who really make this country thrive and grow, did not exist. May I suggest a general look at how fund raising is conducted by both parties, lest we get the impression that it is a 'them-not us' situation. Thank you for shining the light on this dark corner of Washington politics and influence.

John Steenstra
Chapel Hill, NC

As a former employee of the Lums, I'd like to thank Peter Boyer for a very enlightening program last night. I think that with the amount of information that was no doubt left on the cutting room floor, there may soon be another one hour episode of "The Fixers". I had read an article from the "Tulsa World" on Feb. 14, 1996 and another from the "Legal Times" October 16, 1995 which were both very inform- active, however, last nights' episode showed an even broader scope of what these people are capable of.

Paramount, CA.

I found your Frontline program last night deplorable. The voice-overs sound like something out of Dragnet or Robert Stack's narrations in their sotto voce, conspiratorial tone. This whole thing of investigating Democratic fund-raising is a farce. The idea of repaying big contributors with some sort of reward is as old as the hills. The Republicans are simply rabid because the Democrats are becoming so good at it. Programs and commentaries on this subject would be boring if they were not such flagrant attempts to sully the Clintons. PBS, you have gone down quite a few notches in my estimation.

Incidentally, the best thing that came out of all the fund-raising was the re-election of Bill Clinton.

Emma Lou Diemer
Santa Barbara, CA

Amazing how concise a story can be made of how the Clinton and Democratic tactics work when it comes to deceit in fund Raising and cover ups. The rest of the news media should be shamed by there lack of effort in covering this mess. They feel that it may disappear in the web of confusing sound bites. Frontline cut through the mess for the first time in Prime Time. Great Job.

PBS deserves high regards for covering this story in their precarious political position. The Clinton White House's Gordians Knot of deception is soon to meet the sword of a modern day Alexander. PBS and Frontline may well be the sword bearer and liege of that great man.

Tom Royce
Peachtree City, GA

I was not surprised by your uncovering another scandal in American politics, but by the fact that it has become so commonplace, accepted and expected today. The end result may be that the players found a way to surcumvent the system so that legally they cannot be prosecuted and that the money cannot be traced, no evidence. That would not be surprising either. What is the fate of a nation whose leaders show no moral high ground, a willingness to use the system against itself and then claim to have been unfairly investigated because no statute laws were broken. Then they sell the country a bill of goods on making tougher laws for criminals when the problem starts at the top. The only difference I see between the players of a corrupt political system and the common criminal on the street is that the common criminal has neither the education nor financial clout to hire experts to premeditate his crime. We live in a morally bankrupt society and we continue to elect politicians that are in denial about.

I am considering going to Washington DC to see if an individual in society with no connections will be able to visit his congressman, senator, to discuss these issues and what they are doing about it. Want to come along?

Much Aloha.

I was very disappointed in your program "The Fixers" The quality of the investigation was very poor. Mr. Boyer is not an investigative reporter, he is a speculative reporter. He was not able to get a single person, except people who supported his viewpoint to talk with him. His manner on the phone was very enlightening. He would get on the phone to someone, announce, "This is Peter Boyer." and expect that to be the key to open up the door. Who is this guy? Why should he think that his name alone is going to get him anywhere? In the many boring telephone conversations that he taped being turned down by everyone in Washington he never once identified who he worked for. Why should anyone talk to every idiot that manages to get on his telephone line? Of course the guy got hung up on!!

I also thought that Mr. Boyer went way overboard on speculation. It is one thing to say, "Mr. X gave Mr. Y $10,000." It is another thing to say that "Mr. X gave Mr. Y $10,000 to shut him up, or, to have him say nice things about him or .... fill in the blank. The first part can be documented, the second part is pure speculation. You can show documentable actions that support your speculation, but please don't state it as if it were a fact.

One last thing. I hope you realize how disgusting Mr. Boyer's sneering comments were that the Lunn's thought of Ron Brown's son as their own son. He made it sound like someone having a kind regard for a person was completely absurd. The little I saw of the Brown family on the television made me feel these were wonderful people. The grace and dignity they have shown in the face of public tragedy was very moving. I don't see why a family friend feeling that Mr. Brown's son was like a family member would be that unbelievable. I am really hoping that this is not a trend. Your reports before this have always been so well researched and documented. This program was neither.

I am frankly disappointed in the level of reporting that this FRONTLINE displayed. I have heard better reporting on the Rush (Fat man)Lim.. show ! The producer reporter wanted to be a Woodard/Bernstien type without one simple fact you follow the money... and make a judgment if there were any laws broken... He seems to paint everyone from Ark. or the present administration with a paint roller that they all are crooks... Example he make a number of accusatory remarks about McClarty... and attempted to paint him in some kind of cover-up... did he find any trail of this... well if he didn't should he say thinks he can't prove ?

I am really disappointed with PBS with their slant... and the fact that for instance their failure to ID. Bob Anthony the REPUBLICAN Politician as being an extreme republican that tainted his comments ? As to political Appoints how many of Bowheaded air head Republican can to Washington with Bush and that old guy that have ran the county in to debt, I forget his name... that guy that took one million Dollars from a group of Jap. Business types to make one 20 min. speech...

Sad that the Republican Party can't get over the fact that they lost the Election, White water is Nothing so Republicans now want to appoint a special council to look in the President's daughter's school Grade's and see if one of the teachers who is from Asia may have given her higher grades !

Come on Front Line If I wanted to see this trash I would watch Crossfire!

I would like to commend you for your program, "The Fixers," last night. You covered a very complicated story in a very clear manner. One of the important points of the story is how "fixers" view politics is a business opportunity. This used to be the exclusive domain of ivy-league lawyers, but now all kinds of entrepreneurs can open up shop.

I also commend you for refraining from offering a politically correct quick fix. Perhaps some of you realize, unlike Hedrick Smith, that placebos like McCain-Feingold will not begin to address the potential for corruption in modern government. Especially when so many opinion-makers seem willing to accept absolutely preposterous excuses for corrupt behavior.

As a Republican, it is unusual for me to applaud you, but I thought I should do so since I expect very few of your media colleagues will praise a report that indicts Democrats.

Donald B. Connelly
San Antonio, TX

Last evening I watched with great interest your Frontline program, "The Fixers". In addition to the excellent production standards displayed during the show, Peter Boyer had me absolutely transfixed for the entire hour.

THAT is what investigative journalism should be all about!

If PBS continues this kind of work, I will have to consider asking my congressman to reconsider his position on taxpayer funding of PBS.

Ted Wagner

I sat in front of the television program not really wanting to know what the program had to say or the story the facts presented. Somehow, like a moth drawn to a flame, I couldn't resist. My faith in democracy has been severely burned by the heat of the flame. I only hope that I can recover to fight for democracy before its all sold off to the highest bidder. Even though I still feel the burn, thank you for lighting the flame.

Sincerely Yours
Kevin J. Grice
Houston, TX

Thank you for illuminating a timeline labyrinth of influence peddling and corruption leading to the steps of the White House. I would hope that investigative films like this would charge the "American People" to hold all elected representatives, to the integrity and responsibilities of their offices.

Please!, repeat this form of programming for the future. This frenetic and harried "Society" is in great need of "Watchdogs".

Jerry Liguori
Sacramento, CA

Thought I would never see such a explicit documentary on the Clinton White House. Peter Boyer is courageous and a true journalist--of which CBS, ABC, and NBC have none. Will never understand why more indictments are not forth coming. Most literate Americans know that raunchy things are going on concerning the Clintons. It's just that many of us have given up hope of anyone truly reporting on the Clintons and calling a lie a lie. Now I will be looking for more of Peter Boyer's work wherever it takes him. Mr. Boyer and PBS have given me hope that there are some Americans who care about right and wrong.

Sue Hankins
Tucson, AZ 85742

Very well done program!! But just one word of caution if I may. If you continue to tell the truth about the political dealings of this administration, you may find that PBS is no longer on the "must have" educational support list. However, I certainly hope that you continue to inform the American public about the facts that you uncover. Again, may I say "Well Done"!!!

This was an eye-opening, mouth-open, exercise in what we have allowed the presidency to become. This is a worse case scenario in what democracy can evolve to if left unchecked. We as a nation should be ashamed. Everyone involved in this production should be commended. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Falls Church, Va.

It is interesting that your tracking of Ron Brown's role in this series ends with the biggest understatement of the decade. 'Ron Brown's unfortunate death.

Your producers should take another hard look at that unfortunate death. The entire crash, investigation (if you want to call it that) the sudden disappearance of the now claimed non-existent black boxes, the pending indictment of Ron Brown, One has to question if the crash of that plane was really an accident, or just another in a long series of air deaths of Clinton associates and former associates.

Your series raises serious questions into the actions of the DNC (which Ron Brown headed). The actions of the White house, and a deeper look into the other events going on at the time should be examined in the light of the entire cloudy picture.

Good Luck in your hunt....
Chapin, SC

I am deeply angered and saddened after seeing your report on the Lums. Since my parents and my family first immigrated to this country, we have worked very hard to establish ourselves as a well deserved Citizens of the United States. South Korea was full of corruption and deceit in the ranks of politician and my parents came to this country in order to escape from it. Its is amazing to me that corruption is everywhere. After seeing your report, the political scandals and wide spread corruption that rocked South Korea recently is also present in the US.

As an Asian American, Mrs. Lum had the opportunity to elevate the political status of Asian Americans, but instead her own motives and greed has pushed back the efforts of many Asian American Communities.

I am saddened, indeed, that a nation, as powerful as the US., with all its checks and balances in the government system, is no better than a Third World Country's form of politics. Other countries might use a more blatant form of bribery and corruption, but the US. politicians are no better. US. politicians just have better ways of finding loopholes in the system. All this use of political contacts and influence, essentially was to be for the benefit of the minority citizens. Yet, the only ones that benefited are the ones who supposed to represent the minorities (Ron Brown, Melinda Yee, Bill Clinton, etc.). Thus, again the people gained nothing except more distrust of the government and its system.

Chu Yi
McLean, Va.

I lived in Hawaii (Oahu) between 1980-87, at the height of the Japanese real-estate/golf-course frenzy. I covered the Big Island for a local business newspaper, and at one time there were 53 golf course permits being sought for that island alone! I take no pride that I had a terrible sense of unease during those years that such a paradise was being sold down the river to satisfy the insatiable appetites of the wealthy at the expense of the natives. The greedy fools who would put a golf course on Oahu's windward side where rain, especially on the pali, is a daily occurrence deserve their fate. For what it's worth, I add my haole curse to that of the poor Hawaiian woman who lost her home in a once-beautiful Maunawili Valley.

Nancy Davlantes
Milwaukee, WI

As a life long Democrat I found myself surprised at my intense anger at the disclosures of "The Fixers" broadcast. Can anyone wonder why so many Americans don't take part in the so call "democratic" process?

It would be extraordinarily naive to think that our political parties were not plagued with the sort of nauseating, self serving individuals and attitudes your program so clearly exposed. Yet I feel it is time for a true change in this situation, even if it means impeaching a President, or jailing a Speaker of the House. But where are those that will follow through with such difficult tasks? I fear there are only a few good political watchdogs and a plethora of crooked public officials. Your next program should prescribe a cure for the deadly disease that has now infected the Lincoln Bedroom.

Moments ago I finished watching your presentation of "The Fixers." I found it one of the most enlightening and clarifying hours I've had in recent memory. You'd think that with the abundance of 24-hour news stations blanketing the country that I would already have formed a clear picture of this story before tonight. Not so.

Thanks to Frontline, I now have the story, the whole story. Ah, if only we could have a 24-hour Frontline instead of the pathetic sound bites the other, much less capable news organizations seem determined to inflict on us. It would seem that Frontline may well be our last line of defense against mediocrity, banality, and stupidity.

Thank you again for your courage and sanity. Hopefully, more than a few of us remain who cherish it.

John Covington
Savannah, Georgia

Your presentation didn't have my 'full' attention; nevertheless, I saw a well presented piece which the Honorable Attorney General should receive a copy of the footage. I salute the staff.

Respectfully to the office of the President and an appropriate independent investigation, it really is time to call our intelligent politically-savvy President's on his ' lack of wisdom '. For a President who promised 'ethics in office ' we're inheriting a tsunami. Although our US population is 'approving his managing performance, the World is watching.

As the foremost world power, this nation can ill afford to project such a high governmental alleged 'fiasco' to go unpunished. There are too many third world people working their way into America; most of whom maturational can't espouse the highest standards and often learn at the expense of US Citizens. Third worlders are aware that their greatest advantage is through the Clinton lame-duck; village raising; foot-shooting; compulsion toward popularity, administration. If in fact there is legal precedent to remove the President characteristically Mr. Clinton will not take the initiative of former 'servants of the people' or accept the challenge of President John Kennedy to 'ask not ... '

Rather than feel relegated to a (L)owest (C)ommon (D)enominater mentality let's help our President keep his promise to provide a 'clean administration'. Strife for a (H)igher (C)ommon (D)enominator and defy that an LCD and HCD might appear as a contradiction of terms.

Respectfully concerned and hopefully a politically correct "American-Brit".

I have just watched the program. There seems to be no laws for politicians or for that matter ethics. Is there anything that these crooks oh! excuse me politicians will go to obtain their greed. I have had enough of this, I just finished paying over 10,000.00 dollars in taxes and what has it got me, Clinton and crew will give it to foreign countries, obviously so he and Hillary can obtain a nest egg in a secret bank account. I think that this kind of dealings have been going on for a long time. Frontline could have a big story to find out how much money is rendered in foreign countries for our ex congressmen and legislature.

I believe that Clinton epitomizes all that is wrong with America - We have become a Nation in denial of anything and everything and you know what is really sad is that there is no remorse or guilt that follows these actions. This scares the HELL out of me.

I hope that real Americans wake up before it is to late I know what I'm going to do- GET MORE INVOLVED IN THE WORKINGS OF OUR GOVERNMENT!

Gerad Brinlee
Oklahoma City

Very nice report. Nicely documented, nicely presented. I lost a lot of respect for the American Press when the current White House Crew was elected. You have restored some of my confidence in PBS and Journalist to do their job as the other check/balance ion our system. Press on (pun intended!) dig deeper and lay it out for the American people.

Lawrenceville, GA

What an incredible program I just viewed. Peter J. Boyer deserves the highest accolades for his research and presentation of this story. My husband and I keep every receipt all year long and labor over the Federal taxes so we can document every nickel of our yearly income tax deductions and here are people like Nora and Gene Lum having no receipts for incredible campaign contributions in Los Angeles 1992 and the excuse given was they were all destroyed when "a car hit a corner of their house."

All I can think of is a certain night in the June of 1992 when I was a grassroots volunteer for the Perot campaign and we volunteers were fanatics in our record keeping for the Federal Election Commission. One late afternoon our little campaign office was incredibly busy with people paying $10 for a contribution in kind Perot T shirt and a man gave me $20 for 2 T shirts and I filled out the receipt and copy but could not get near the cash box because of the crowd so I laid our copy and the $20 in the top of my purse nearby. Only the way home dead tired I reached in my purse for a Kleenex and felt the cash and turned my car around and went back to the office to put it in it's proper place. I just bet Nora Lum would have handled it like that. She probably gets to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom, ride on Air Force 1, and dine in the White House!

My question is what service is my family of law abiding citizens getting from the FBI and their investigation of the Lums. So what if Ron Brown is dead. His son and the Lums and McLarty are alive and well.

What happened to the people involved in the Oklahoma Scandal? I bet only the bag men were prosecuted, but what about the public officials who took the bribes and the people from ARKLA like Mack McLarty who did business the Arkansas way. What Judges and prosecutors appointed by whom went after the above, I just bet another case of Justice Arkansas style.

I grieve for my Nation,
Mrs. Dee Zuber
Dublin, Ohio

After advertising this story as "the story you couldn't get away from" (I didn't know I was trying to...), I wished I had stayed away from your broadcast.

An entire Frontline on Gene and Nora Lum? Come on!! There is a scandal here but to hear your story it seems to all have been masterminded by the Lum's. Clinton and Co. are hardly mentioned (do you see them as the victims here?).

Is this as "aggressive" as you can be? I know more about this campaign fund scandal by reading the political cartoons (and sometimes just the cartoons!).

I used to really enjoy Frontline. Either you have changed or I have. I think you completely lost all credibility (with me and others I talk with) with your earlier story "Why America Hates the Press". (Recall, you basically decided that America distrusts the "mainstream" press so much because Steve and Cokie Roberts et al make alot of money on the lecture circuit.) That was a REAL disappointment, and a blown opportunity for a great story; surpassed in incompetence, to date, only by "The Fixers". You missed a real chance here. Isn't this story bigger than a couple from Hawaii???!!!!!!

Frontline has GREAT music, but little else, these days, going for it.

Michael Mysker
Bloomington IN

First - Wow! I can't believe that PBS, with their history of being spokespeople for the Democrat Party line, I can't believe that PBS would air this show!

Second - As a nation we have decided that character doesn't matter. Even PBS endorsed this position.

Third - The solution would be to impeach Clinton. That act would reestablish a line which defines acceptable conduct. It would help send the message that character does matter.

In summary - Wow! I can't believe you aired the show. And double Wow! - With that knowledge, I can't believe PBS supported his election anyway.

Bill Waters

Excellent investigative report! It is amazing to see the "good ole' boy network" expand it's horizon into what is now the treasonous acts of the Clinton Administration. It is so reassuring to see "the most ethical administration in history" (Clinton's own words) in action!!

The mysterious crash of Ron Brown's plane brought an abrupt end to what sure was to be an explosive investigation. No telling what Vince Foster's role was in this web of deceit.

We look forward to the rest of the story in the coming months on "Frontline"!!

David B. Anthony
Fresno, California

This show was premature - strong in certain parts but over all weak and tried to cover too much territory. Good factual material put into question by exaggerated allegations, etc. Who are the LUMS? Not enough details.

When did they arrive in Hawaii? Where were they born? More needed about the influences on their lives. Also, what about the 1980s and 1990 campaign contributions by foreigners to the RNC? It is not just a Democratic Party phenomena. Over $770 mi was spent for the last Congressional election. Where is this money coming from? I never liked Ron Brown from the beginning, but I don't think you handled his role in this whole scandal professionally. You barely scratched the surface. Also, you were ambivalent about whatever it was you were trying to get across. Plus, there are so many other power players now, but also in the 1980s.

Who funded Ronald Reagan? Newt Gingrich? Who is the Christian Right? How come no one looks into their fundraising schemes and influence peddling? What about the Dept. of Commerce under Reagan and deceased Malcom Balderidge? No dealing then? No special trade missions? This was not even handed nor did it provide the depth of coverage it should have. Worse, the program was misleading. It was basically half way on target. I hope you continue to delve into this and allow the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Watching this program I felt you were jamming jigsaw puzzle pieces to make the whole puzzle complete, rather than allowing the pieces to fit together. Premature reporting. The LUMS. How about Goldman-Sachs and other investment companies? How much did it contribute to the DNC or the RNC? Or Morgan Stanley? Or INTEL? Or the telecommunications giants and entrepreneurs? Or the insurance companies of America? There are enough real stories out there without having to force facts with conjecture. Please try again. Only get it right next time.

Quite interesting. It seems that every time a rock is looked under some interesting financial arrangements appear that are either directly or indirectly related to the White House and the upper echelon of the Democratic party. The excuse that "everybody does it" is really not acceptable anymore. My personal suspicion is that if investigative press pressure were seriously put on the DNC and the White House without worry about the consequences some truths might be drug from all the very reluctant parties involved.

A question was posed concerning recommendations for cleaning up the current fund raising methods. Clean up is quite simple. Total and immediate disclosure with significant and painful penalties if violated. Lets stop waiting until after an election to know the truth. Allow freedom of political speech through donations or third party activity (soft money) but require complete disclosure of the contributing individuals at the time of the donation. No cash. No PACS. Do not allow the two major parties to continue to structure the rules in their favor. Do you really believe that the dominant political powers will pass reforms that allow for unexpected competition? I am not cynical, just a realist. Great Program. Keep up the good work.

Bryan Breen
Santa Fe, NM

Well done. Your program exposing the unprecedented level of criminal activity and arrogance by the DNC was a public service truly worthy of public television. Now if you can just expose and correct the level of criminal apathy and ignorance on the part of the American people, perhaps we might once again be a nation worthy of Democracy.

Parma, Ohio

This program was excellent Television.

But I find your comments section on press reaction questionable. The comments made on your pages do not reflect what I'm hearing, viewing or reading locally or nationally. And I have to wonder why the press is so quiet about the correction of this White House.

L Floyd
Grapevine, TX

As excellent as this program was, it was equally disturbing. Too often those entrusted with power turn a blind eye toward the swill we call campaign financing.

Lawyers, officers of the court, are always at hand to craft agreements that barely allow the statement "its legal" rather than attempting to adhere to the spirit of the law. They have become a permanent appendage to any interview, especially when a "client", whether the President or Mrs. Lum's daughter, a low-level Dept. of Commerce employee, needs a "shield".

A politician cannot simply say they don't know what's going on under their watch - too often its "do whatever you have to, but, don't tell me". No longer does "the buck stops here" apply, it actually reverses course and is pushed back to expendable subordinates. A society's greatness will not be measured by what one can get away with (it's legal"), but, by what value that individual adds to the society.

Most politicians seem surprised at lower voter turnouts, a high degree of cynicism, less respect for the highest offices in the land. If they only realized that their lack of leadership by action (rather than just words) is leading by bad example that is slowly disintegrating the moral fiber of an entire nation. Why shouldn't people lie, cheat and steal - the people they're supposed to look up to do. To say a politician is unaware of cash for influence is disingenuous at best.

What can be done - a Federal Election Commission with clout; subpoena power, the ability to act immediately and the ability to decertify a candidate for major infractions, including incumbents; immediate disclosure of all donations, their source, their contributions to all other candidates; zero public funding for negative ads; shorten the political season to no more than "x" months with penalties for campaigning outside that period; free airtime on public airwaves (e.g. PBS) for all political candidates; public funds allocated to mandatory independent publication and mailing to all voters of "resumes" of each candidate; strengthen the laws for politicians that break the public trust to mandatory prison terms equal to those of other felony criminal acts; corporations should be restricted from any campaign contributions - hard or soft - contributions should be limited strictly to those that vote; contributions cannot be made unless the contributor is a legal resident of that state; etc., etc.

Unfortunately, the show only uncovers the smallest tip of the iceberg. Democrats and Republicans equally share blame for a corrupt system that focuses on the very few rather than on the population as a whole.

Jeffrey V. Scocchio

I was never a Clinton supporter, but I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt when they are accused of something. In this case, however, I am truly repulsed by the appalling insincerity and genuine deception of the White House. I was too young to remember the lies of Watergate, but this scandal gives me the wonderful chance to feel betrayed and outraged just as my parents did two decades ago. Even if the President, as he claims, didn't know all the details of the improper activities all around him, he shares the same fault as President Grant did in his administration--he did nothing while his cronies brazenly flouted the law and spat in the faces of the American people.

Adam Vaughan
Willimantic, CT

Congratulations to Boyer and Kirk on the Lum story. It's clear that the Asian-Americans who thought they were getting access to the Executive Branch to express their values and concerns were cheated.

However the paper trails (or any influence-peddling indictments) may resolve, there are other questions being ignored. Were the people who died on the plane with Ron Brown "collateral damage?" Were people killed in Arkansas to cover up drug and drug-money matters involving the political and law-enforcement establishment of that state?

Stolen money and value gained dishonestly are now only bits of paper (a 1997 US dollar is only worth around two dimes in 1960 terms), but do questions about untimely deaths weigh something in the media scales? Or are these sorts of stories too personally dangerous, even for correspondents who venture into zones of genocide?

Michael Jones
Palm Harbor, FL

I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you! Imagine, influence peddling, in Washington, in the Clinton administration! Heavens, what will they think of next. Surely, if this is the current office holder's idea of the most ethical administration in the history of the United States, I am not shocked but am truly saddened by the rampant corruption at large and ad nauseam which diminishes not simply the current administration, but cuts a whole in the heart of the American belief in the institution of executive government, and sloshes the smelly mess onto all of us as citizens who no longer trust what any politician says or does. That is to be the Clinton legacy.

David Smith
Indianapolis, IN

As a Bill Clinton supporter, I found myself disturbed after viewing your Frontline special on influence peddling in the Democratic Party ("The Fixers"). I had sought solace during the Reagan/Bush era by criticizing the improprieties of those administrations (Irangate et al.). I was relieved to see Bill Clinton bring a fresh perspective to the White House. However, my enthusiasm for the change is tarnished as I realize that some things don't really change. Namely, money and power seem to mean more than integrity in gaining and welding power in America. Now it is my turn to listen to the terse criticisms of a President whom I still support, but perhaps less proudly so. I look forward to learning more about the issues explored here. Thanks for keeping me informed - and our democratic process accountable.

Ted Eischeid

Frontline has a great tradition of presenting stunning investigative work, but endless shots of a reporter failing to obtain interviews and repeated checking of computer lists does not qualify as such. This piece was thin and outside the lines of quality journalism you have established.

Robert Schaper
Los Angeles, CA

I am very please you made you such an excellent report on this campaign finance issue relating to Nora Lum and Gene Lum. I want to applaud you and assure that you are living within the mainstream of the Federal Regulation Act that was passed in 1989: The Emergency Planning and Community right-to-know act. You are the kind of media we want in society because you make society works in the common good of all.

I have everything to believe from the evidences you presented that this is a Democratic party political graft that must be exposed to the fullest for the public to know and take action.

The Lum must be ashamed of themselves but I do not blame them. I blame the Democratic party and this makes me suspicious of Ron Brown's death. It could have been a cover up for the Lums fear from being expose by the FBI investigation.

Benoni Williams
Milwaukee, WI

I'm sick and tired of media witch-hunting against Asian-American. I do know there is all kinds of political lobby going in Washington DC from left to right, from Republican and Democratic, and to suggest that only Asian-American contributing money to politician is not only misused the role of media but it also add to fuel the old Anti-Asian racism in America. We know that most politician in Washington and local politicians do receive some kind of kickback from all sides. This is the game people are playing by politicians of all races in American and most part of the world, but to jump on the bandwagon and picking on Asian-Americans exclusively by mass media and US society is so ludicrous. The Fact is white Americans do engaged in kickback politic so are Jewish American, Asian-American, African-American. So why are these media (controlled by Whites) picked up Asian-Americans only?

Mike Yun
Cerritos, LA

I enjoyed your segment. I've been a life long democrat. I was totally disgusted with the whole Clinton administration after hearing your program. I have no faith in this presidents honesty or mortality. I have to believe after all the scandals that have come out that he must at some time take responsibility just from the fact that he is the leader and that these are not isolated instances.

Thank you for broadcasting this latest example of corruption in the Clinton White House. I don't think our founding fathers ever thought it possible for a individual such as William Jefferson Clinton to be elected to the post of President of our great nation. They felt they had put the necessary filters into place in our election process to insure the successful candidate would be of the highest moral character.

They could not have foreseen the effects of modern mass media, slick advertising techniques, and a free press that has become so bias or asleep on the job. They did not know the effects a TV camera would have on a corrupt Arkansas Governor with a keen ability to look straight into a lens with a big compassionate smile, tell the entire population that "he feels our pain" while he's skimming more from our paychecks to finance his political scams. I am deeply concerned that we, as Americans, are allowing this corruption to occur right under our noses at the highest level of our government. What will it take to expose this administration for what it is ?.... the biggest con job in history. You briefly mentioned the Lincoln bedroom "for rent" in your story. That alone would be enough to disgrace most self-respecting leaders into a resignation.

Who does the Lincoln bedroom belong to anyway ? I think it belongs to the American people, not Bill and Hillary Clinton, and not the Democratic Party. So how is it possible for Bill and Hillary to "rent it out" and use the revenue for their personal gain ? That is just plain wrong, and it is only the tip of the iceberg, but does anyone care ? I do.

Thank you sincerely for the story.
Troy Anderson
Raleigh, North Carolina

What impressed me most about this show is its lack of was obvious you had this story much earlier than now and chose to show it way after any real damage could have been done to the Clintons.

The Public's right to know huh....whenever you feel it was safe enough I guess. Also why the concentration only on Asians? Seems to me there were plenty of others with their hands out... Right now I don't see much difference between you and the Lums.

Frances Zuniga
Whittier, CA

Congrats on further reducing the stereotype of Public Television as a partner in Liberal-Socialist hypocrisy. Boyer's work on THE FIXERS gives us hope that American journalism is coming out of a coma, regaining consciousness, and growing a conscience.

Peter Boyer has always been the exceptional bulldog for gathering the truth in matters of Government criminality, and I thank him for his tremendous efforts in this regard.

Peter, watch your back; I don't want to hear about you having any untoward injurious picnicking in Fort Marcy Park. These Democrats may be swank, suave, humbugs, but take care to be observant of signs of panic, or sudden offers of business opportunities.

Montaigne said, "Anyone who does not feel sufficiently strong in memory should not meddle in lying." We are dealing with a DNC-Demo bureaucracy well schooled, and generously equipped to manage a multiplicity of lies. In the end it will be the persistence with which we strain their resources, and confuse the coordination of their synchronized but preposterous recollections.

Those that persist in spreading the deception of an amoral equivalence between DNC and RNC tactics may want to reconsider. I would rather trust virtually any businessman to high public trust (the Demo canard being that all CEOs are greedy mugs) in hopes he would only participate in simple graft, and in so doing spare me the damage conceived by the crooked ideological zealot (Liberal-Socialist hypocrite), who finds insufficient reward in merely robbing for gain, and insists on finding perverse pleasure in robbing me of my liberty as well.

For all the world, does it seem to you that in the Lums circle of friends, behavior is reminiscent [of] the Marcos'?

Bill Copenhaven
Boise, ID



I was impressed with the report given the evening of April 15th (I think it was called, "The Fixers"). It was able to provide investigative information in a "non-magazine" context--that was refreshing.

The specific information presented on those political processes is hard to believe. I haven't followed too many political "scandals" in the past simply because I don't know who to believe. The lies on either side can be so blatant and the coverage so thick and full of commentary that it takes considerable effort to decipher the facts. I felt as if your presentation was succinct and enlightening.

Allen Yeats

I'm a big contributor of PBS. I appreciate most PBS programs and am tuned in PBS in most of my TV watching time. I watched the latest serious of Frontline. I have never believe in million years such wonderful station like PBS would do such thing becoming part of on-going mass media hysteria of "Asian money." The fact is everyone from white, Jews, black, Latino all playing the same game in Washington Lobby. Why label Asian money? Is Asian-American only race illegally donate money to politician? What is this "The Fixers" is all about? I do believe the Frontline just produced another Anti-Asian garbage. I'm here to protest against PBS to allow to translate Anti-Asian ideology into mass media I will stop supporting PBS from now on.

Your report was extremely interesting. What I find even more interesting is the recent poll that said that 69% of all Americans thought President Clinton was not quite on the "Up and up" but didn't really care because he seemed to be doing a "good enough" job. Negotiable consciences, what a concept!

M. Wong
Canton, OH

If the particulars of this story are correct, and can be verified, there should be further investigation and a criminal prosecution. It should reach as far into the present administration as the fact indicate and if it goes to the top, an impeachment should result. All in government must be shown that none are above the law!

Thomas S. Moffett
Crown Point, Indiana

I really enjoyed the Fixers. The documentary was well organized and my congratulations to the reporter on a job well done. It takes people with courage to put together a product such as Fixers, for without Mr. Kirk's professional abilities and intestinal fortitude, many of us would be without the real facts behind key issues in society. Please convey my complements and thanks to the Kugleman Foundation for supporting you and that there are people such as myself, who really appreciate what they are doing.

Tom Connors
Pensacola, FL

To whom it may concern: Your Asian-bashing report on Democratic campaign financing was muckraking of a new order for PBS. Whatever happened to your objectivity? Of course, Ron Brown couldn't very well defend himself. He's dead. But you might at least have made an attempt at balance. God help us if this is what reporting has come to.

Disgusted in Arkansas.

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