the fixers

Robert Anthony

An Oklahoma public utility regulator whose undercover recordings for the FBI revealed a bribery scandal that may have affected the White House - if not for Gene and Nora Lum.

"To make sure this transaction was clear, after the money changed hands, I'd look the person in the eye and say, `You and I both know this is illegal.' Sometimes I would quote the Oklahoma Statute Title XVII, Section 177...And their words of response are something I'll remember for a long time. Mr. Anderson, for example, would say, `That law makes liars and hypocrites out of all of us.'"

Lily Chen
The former mayor of a Los Angeles suburb who says most Asian-American political donors do not expect a quid pro quo for their money.

"Asian-Americans, when they donate, they're really talking about personal friendship and pride and opportunity to participate. They're really not asking for anything in return."

Charles Chidiac
An attorney who claims Nora Lum bribed politicians on behalf of the Japanese mafia and took phone calls from the White House as the director of a shady Democratic fund-raising agency.

"She pays for power; she buys power."

Larry Klayman
Chairman and General Counsel of Judicial Watch, Inc. a public watchdog group enforcing ethics and legal standards.

"We don't know everything that they want, but what we have been able to piece that [the] facts add up to the Lums trying to buy [the] influence of Secretary Ron Brown and the Clinton administration."

David Lang
A Los Angeles political consultant who says Ron Brown offered him a job and paved the way for increased Democratic fund-raising in the Asian-American community.

"I pick up the phone and on the other end comes a voice, and he said, `I'm Chairman Brown,' and I thought this guy must be joking, so I said, `Well, if you're Chairman Brown, then I'm Chairman Mao.'"

Anthony P. Locricchio
An attorney who alleges Gene and Nora Lum orchestrated political payoffs and the eviction of Hawaii ranchers from their homes to aid Japanese golf course developers.

"They take advantage of history. They build a profession and a lifestyle based on this horrible deviation from democracy, and they make a living, and a very good living, from it."

Michael McAdams
A former Oklahoma gas company employee who claims Gene and Nora Lum said Nora was working for late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown when they allegedly fronted a transaction to protect high-ranking Democrats.

"This thing is so corrupt and so big, everybody is wanting to keep secrets quiet. Everybody's got secrets."

Ronald G. Miller
A former Oklahoma gas company executive who claims Gene and Nora Lum fronted a buyout of his business to avert a potentially explosive court case and protect high-ranking Democrats.

"When they'd sit down and meet with our employees, practically the first thing that would come out of their mouth is, `We're from Washington, and we're here to help.' My secretary came to me and said, `Ron, we're getting faxes from the White House.'"

Ron Wakabayashi
A Los Angeles bureaucrat who says Asian Pacific Advisory Council-VOTE was an uncoordinated fund-raising agency headed by Nora Lum with close ties to the Democratic National Committee.

"The relationship between Ron Brown and Nora Lum, in my view, was more than a political relationship...."

Donna Wong
A neighborhood activist who claims Gene Lum organized the evictions, including the theft of a Hawaiian rancher's cattle and the slaughter of his prize bull.

"You would have thought it was a war zone. There were marshals, there were sheriffs, there were police, helicopters...It was terrible. They...packed up all their belongings and moving trucks, held everybody else at bay, and then went in and just bulldozed their houses."

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