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What troubles you most about the Frank Fuster story?


What troubles me most , is the injustice in our criminal justice system. District attorney's get popular by knowingly convicting innocent people. It happened in Florida with Janet Reno, and i know it happened here in Massachusetts, with former state attorney general Scott Harshburger.(Fells Acres Case)WHo knows how many more? Thank you Frontline for taking a stand not many others would take, in exposing the truth in the criminal justice system

stephen sardelis
worcester, ma


I have diagnosed and treated many cases of gonorrhea in my 35 years as an Emergency physician. It should be noted that Neisseria (of which group N. gonorrhea is but one species) can be normal flora in the throat. It would not be fair to put a man in prison for life based on this finding unless there were very specific and reliable confirmatory tests done.

james hurd
st charles, mo


As usual, Frontline did an excellent job! As social workers are frequently associated with the roles of the "therapists"--particularly in child abuse circumstances--it was gratifying that they you did not identify them as such. Social work is advancing evidence-based practice (EBP) in such work...and for exactly the reasons exposed by the defense attorneys in your program. If methods are used that are not tested by stringent social science research...we can harm people irreparably. Unfortunately, from the interview on-line with David Markus, the Florida prosecutor, politicians and policy makers want to still assume that there is "proof" in methods that evolve just because they "feel right". I suggest that Mr. Markus does not really understand the meaning of "validation" of human service or psychotherapeutic techniques. Validation is not simply in the successful prosecution by use of an unproven method--or that others replicate the method. A statistically untested method, such as the counselors' methods on your program, can cause harm and cause injustice, even if the method wins cases (or builds political careers, perhaps). Proof, instead, is critical and professional peer reviews, statistical testing, and replication with controls--a courtroom is not even in the same ball park, contrary to Markus' beliefs. Just look at those who, like Snowden, lost 12 years of his life. He is an example of proof of the extremely negative results when an invalidated method is used. In Social Work we are advancing this kind of approach to our methods of working with people and communities and have several organizations toward this end, such as the Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research and the Society for Social Work Research. Reason? Because we believe people deserve the right to be informed about methods of psychosocial interventions and the right to have professionals who are using methods that have some kind of "back up" that they may actually work--and not just proof offered because, as Markus suggests, (to paraphrase) that everybody is copying it must be right... Imagine if doctors or pharmacists practiced that way...


Jenny Savage
monroe, louisiana


A monster is totally egocentric. A monster sees other people only as objects. Sees human beings as useful tools to achieve the monsters goals. A monster makes no distinctions. Sees no difference between truth and falsehood. Sees no difference between adults and children. A monster feels only it's own consuming needs and cares nothing for others.

Janet Reno pursued her personal political agenda in blatant disregard for the truth. In blatant disregard for the civil liberties of the adults charged. In blatant disregard for the psychological well-being of children who were pressured into providing the testimony she wanted.

Janet Reno is the real monster of Dade County.

brad clark
detroit, mi


Frank Fuster's case certainly seems to be a tough one. But despite what everyone "remembers" or what they have testified, the evidence of his son suffering from Gonoreah, is difficult to refute. If I were a member of a jury, such evidence would lead me to the decision that he should remain in prison.

Tina R
kingston, ja


I know that CPS still uses suggestive means to conduct its investigations. They know about Ceci but they do not put into practice investigations that work to rule out allegations. They still work to rule in allegations. That is, seek to confirm allegations. They refer to people who, instead of using anotomically correct dolls, now use 'good touch, bad touch books'. These books can be used in highly suggestive ways. Especially if a child has already been questioned in a suggestive manner.

This happened to my daughter and I was accused of molesting her. I eventually won my case at a fair hearing. But only after losing our home and over $30,000 dollars. It was a nightmare. And it could have been prevented.

Dan Morris
rochester, ny


I just finished watching "Did Daddy Do It" and without any doubt Daddy did NOT do it. I am a Democrat and donate much money each year, and worked on the Clinton campaigns and on campaigns of other Democrats, but if I know Janet Reno would receive one penny of my money I will never donate again.

As the Director for AFSCME in Florida I met Reno concerning a RICO case once, but had no idea that she was involved in the witch hunt that ruined so many lives.

Harold Teague
madeira beach, florida


I cannot thank you enought for the quality you bring to your reporting, and for letting some light in to the unscrupulous, dishonest, unprincipled, corrupt acts of SOME of our so called guardians of justice, a.k.a, state and federal prosecutors.

Leonardo Reino
miami, fl


Has Fuster's wife appealed? It appears that there was prosecuter misconduct. She also had inefectual counsel. She should sue her lawyer and that group that was hired to bring back her "repressed memories."

Roger Needham
newark, nj


What troubles me?

Well, the way Iliana was coerced for her testimony reminded me of the way the prisoners of war were treated.

I am apalled at the way our "representatives" treat people. We have become more like Russia than we'd like to think. I shudder to think how the Arabs who have been arrested for 911 are being treated.

Where are the protest for the release of Mr Fuster? Where is reason?

Dominique Smith
augusta, ga


Your show made me sick to my stomach because of the absolute devastation that it continues to provide for Frank Fuster. Janet Reno is a joke and I am ashamed of her behavior and wonder how she sleeps at night. Ileana is just trying to cut a deal for her own convenience and she is adept at using the system for her personal gains. She cannot be trusted. Frank Fuster is innocent and Iliana has lied, and the tactics that Janet Reno used are are beyond comprehension. I hope that Frank can get out of prison because he does not deserve to be there. Justice is more than blind in this case!

Josie Cofer
alexandria , virginia


What happened to the children who were witnesses? Has anybody followed up on them? By he time of the trials they probably believed they were abused. Has there been any lasting effect on them? I feel that it was child abuse to have those children make up testimony. Janet Reno should be charged with child abuse. To use children in that way is disgusting. How was she ever confirmed as attorney general?

Roger Needham
newark, nj


As a psychologist with a professional interest in child abuse accusations I have always been deeply interested and concerned about accusations made in day care centers in the 1980s and early 1990s. Of all the cases I have examined, Fuster's always troubled me the most. Having seen this episode of Frontline, with the interview of Ileana and the examples of suggestive interviewing techniques used with children in this case, I now believe that the evidence in the case points towards Frank Fuster's innocence. It is now easier to see that Fuster's case fits in the same model as the Kelly Michaels case and others where individuals who were convicted had their cases overturned because of flawed forensic interviewing techniques with children or, as in the Kelly Michaels case, flawed expert witness testimony. It is apparent that Fuster's case will continue to plague prosecutors, including Janet Reno. I hope to use this episode of Frontline in the courses I teach on forensic psychology.

Evan Harrington, Ph.D.
new york, ny


Nothing that hasn't been stated, I'm sure. His civil rights have been violated and it looks like a flat out Reno vigilante campaign. I'm amazed that this is allowed to happen in this country. We are third world, apparently.

phoenicia, ny

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