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1. The U.S. Army is a racially diverse force with about 40% non-whites in its active duty service. What percentage are women?
a) 5%
b) 15%
c) 20%
d) 35%

2. The U.S. Army budget is $70 billion. But Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki recently testified before Congress that he wants more money each year to meet anticipated equipment and personnel shortfalls. How much of an annual increase did he request?
a) $500 million
b) $5 billion
c) $10 billion
d) $25 billion

3. The U.S. total current military budget is how much compared to the combined military budgets of Russia, China and the seven nations on the U.S. State Department's list of sponsors of terrorism (Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan)?
a) About half as much
b) The same amount
c) 50% more
d) about three times as much

4. The U.S. Army currently is planning to spend about $13 billion to develop a new mobile artillery system to replace its aging howitzers. What is this artillery system called?
a) The Peacemaker
b) The Crusader
c) Hammer 2000
d) The Big Stick

5. At the end of the Cold War, the U.S. Army had 18 active divisions representing nearly 800,000 active duty personnel. The Army currently has how many active divisions?
a) 15 divisions, 620,000 active duty personnel
b) 10 divisions, 480,000 active duty personnel
c) 8 divisions, 390,000 active duty personnel
d) 5 divisions, 310,000 active duty personnel

6. At the end of the Cold War, the U.S, Army had more than 260,000 troops based overseas. How many Army troops are stationed abroad in 2000?
a) 144,000
b) 210,000
c) 109,000
d) 120,000

7. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki recently decided to change the standard headgear of all Army personnel. What's the new look?
a) khaki baseball cap
b) brown knit cap
c) olive green skull cap
d) black beret

8. The Army expression "Hooah!" could be translated to mean what?
a) Yes sir!
b) Right on!
c) Move out!
d) All of the above

9. The most highly decorated Army combat unit in history was the:
a) 1st Division, WWI
b) 442nd Regimental Combat Team, WWII
c) 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Civil War
d) 34th Infantry Division, WWII

10. In 2000, what percentage of Army soldiers are married?
a) 56%
b) 65%
c) 75%
d) 25%

11. The average U.S. Army officer retires at what age?
a) 39
b) 43
c) 38
d) 52

12. The Army National Guard budget today is $6.5 billion. How many are active Army guard members?
a) 542,000
b) 356,000
c) 608,000
d) 295,000

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