Frank Fahrenkopf is President of the American Gaming Association
"The Arthur Anderson study was important -- not only to show that there's a tremendous, positive financial impact to businesses and to state and local jurisdictions by way of taxation -- but that [gambling] is not cannibalizing other businesses as the opponents have said for so many years."

Reverend Thomas Grey heads the National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion
"James Bond is not standing in line with a blonde on his arm waiting to buy his Quick Pick ticket. This is preying on those people who can least afford it."

J. Terrence Lanni is CEO of MGM Grand
"Ten years from now, the issue of gaming won't be an issue.....There will be little difference between a major motion picture studio, a hotel/casino, an entertainment casino, a nongaming resort. It's going to be much more acceptable."

Bill Lockyer is the Senate President in California
"Lottery revenues... seem to depend on massive advertising budgets. It's sponsored gambling. Many of us think that's an inappropriate message to be coming from government."

Anthony Pico is chairman of the Viejas Indians
"[Gambling revenues] will guarantee us a place in the future for the children that are not yet born. It feels good to know that that will happen. We were an endangered species."

Lefty Rosenthal is a former Las Vegas entrepreneur who was played by Robert De Niro in the movie "Casino." Rosenthal now runs a bar in Florida.
"99.9% of the public, including myself, have two chances: One is slim and the other is none--and Slim is out of town."

William Thompson is a professor at the U. of Nevada, Las Vegas and studies the gambling industry.
"Politicians are greedy for what they consider to gambling tax like money falling off trees. It's not. It's money that comes out of people's pockets."

Dan Walters is a political columnist for the Sacramento Bee
"...In back of all this is an assumption that one way or the other, casino gambling is coming to California - big time casino gambling. And if it comes, the potential of it is unimaginable. Can you imagine gambling on Catalina Island? It could be the new Monte Carlo."

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