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marian marzynski
A Jew Among the Germans
introductionFor years, Marian Marzynski lived with a fear of the people who had invaded his country and wiped out his family. When the German government announced it was planning a memorial on the Holocaust, he decided that it was finally time to visit the land of his enemy and to find out -- how does a new generation of Germans live with the crimes of the past?Video: Marian Marzynski's remarkable story of family and survival
His conversations with young Germans
His question: could there be such a thing as 'good guilt' for germans?
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germany's memorial to the murdered jews of europe
Photos, reviews and video of the newly unveiled memorial, and a look at the years of bitter wrangling over its design and message.

germans, jews and history
The "third generation's" story ... Holocaust education in German schools ... why some young Germans are reaching out to Holocaust survivors ... the debate over remembrance and forgetting.

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posted may 31, 2005

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