A Jew Among the Germans
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National Post (Canada) Alex Strachan

PBS Frontline has a tradition of telling familiar tales in an unfamiliar way. Even by Frontline's already high standards, however, tonight's Holocaust-themed "a Jew Among the Germans" is a real eye-opener, a thought-provoking hour of television that will have you thinking -- and arguing -- long after it's over. ...

[A] leisurely paced but tremendously moving film ...

Like Joe Schlesinger's Hana's Suitcase before it, Marzynski's film is quiet, soft-spoken and understated, a Shoah statement as moving as any big-budget feature-film treatment.

The New York Times Anita Gates

...Sadly, neither the story of the competition nor Mr. Marzynski's exploration of the issues surrounding the project assumes a coherent shape. He strives for insight through his subjects' observations...

The documentary might have done better with a professional narrator. Mr. Marzynski does his own voice-over narration, and whatever first-person emotion he brings to the mater, which must be considerable (his father and his grandparents died in the Holocaust), is muted by his stilted delivery.

He describes his quest as a "journey to liberate my children from my Holocaust memories," but neither he nor his film can find a way to do that. ...


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posted may 31, 2005

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