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Sam Allis · Boston Globe

"…Frontline spends an hour plumbing the obvious: Men and women can return from combat as banged up psychologically as physically. The program, which traces the dark spirals of a handful of men home from Iraq, is well made, predictable, depressing, and timely. …

"What's missing in ''The Soldier's Heart" is a look at those combat veterans who return from Iraq mentally undamaged to glean how they handled the stress, because the most interesting question of all is why some soldiers escape unscathed and others don't."

Roger Catlin · Hartford Courant

"What makes Raney Aronson's report so compelling is that it gets personal.
… Several affected soldiers, told by superiors to suck it up, finally get to tell their stories. …"

Dorothy Rabinowitz · The Wall Street Journal

"Frontline takes a long while to get to its point - which concerns the military's alleged failure to care for soldiers emotionally scarred by combat. Nor does it help that the narrative keeps shifitng from one soldier's story to another. Among these are two that are compelling for their detail, one from a Marine sergeant who had a mental breakdown after accidentally shooting an unarmed Iraqi civilian, another from an Army sergeant who began suffering panic attacks after seeing a mutilated body. …"

Sid Smith · Chicago Tribune

"… the film nevertheless offers not just these moving case studies, but explores in depth the challenges that bedevil even well-meaning counselors, in and out of the military, trying to help returning veterans of the war in Iraq. …

"Welcoming our soldiers home demands a lot more of us than parades and flag-waving. 'The Soldier's Heart' underscores the need for the very least we owe those we send into battle: attention, sympathy and understanding."

Tom Dorsey · Louisville Courier Journal

"…'Frontline' returns to the battlefield to remind us of the agony of war and its effect on some soldiers …"


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posted march 1, 2005

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