The High Price of Health
Managed Care: Pro and Con

The Managed Care Industry In Perspective
In a nutshell, says health care economist Uwe Reinhardt, managed care did a lot more than it gets credit for. But it also did a lot of dumb things. Here is Reinhardt's summary, together with a forecast of future changes in the system.

Where is Managed Care Now?
Marc Roberts, health care researcher and analyst, offers a nuanced and moderate view of managed care's revolution.

For Patients, Not For Profits
Opposing profit-driven health care, Drs. David Himmelstein, and Steffie Woolhandler outline how the headlong rush to for-profit care is occurring without the consent of patients or practitioners. They maintain medical care is one of the aspects of life that should be off-limits to the market.

Why you Should Welcome the New Assertive Patient
In this q&a article, Regina Herzlinger, professor at Harvard Business School, looks at how health care providers can succeed in the new market driven system. She also forecasts the evolution of managed care in coming years.


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