mafia power play
An investigation into the connections between Russian NHL players & Russian organized crime
two hockey players

NHL superstars Pavel Bure and Slava Fetisov; NHL legal counsel Bill Daly; Anzor Kikalishvili
the russian mob in north america

Excerpts from two criminal intelligence briefs
the details magazine expose

The NHL's protest and reactions from NHL players
ivankov: taking a closer look

Was he really North America's 'Red Godfather'?
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Mafia Power Play

FRONTLINE investigates how the tentacles of Russian organized crime have penetrated the National Hockey League. The report exposes how major Russian crime figures are extorting Russian-born players and using their hockey connections to establish a beachhead in the U.S. and Canada. Over the course of a ten-month investigation, FRONTLINE conducted dozens of interviews with sources in the Russian underworld, professional hockey representatives and law enforcement agencies in Russia, the U.S., and Canada.

FRONTLINE's web site deepens this report with excerpts from congressional hearings and law enforcement reports, plus the extended interviews and profiles of central figures.

published oct. 1999



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