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CSIS Report on Russian Organized Crime

The influential think tank The Center for Strategic and International Studies issued this 1997 report on Russian organized crime as part of its Global Organized Crime Task Force headed by former FBI chief William H. Webster. In addition to a list of the task force members and an introduction to the report, the full CSIS report on ROC is also available on this site in pdf format.
Is There Russian Organized Crime in the U.S.?

Criminal justice expert Frederick T. Martens questions law enforcement's assessment of the nature and scope of Russian organized crime in North America in the 1990s. This March 1999 article is on the site of the Office of International Criminal Justice, a research and training center at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Introduction to The Russian Hockey League

A short overview by John Sanful of Russian hockey since 1946. Sanful authored a 1998 book on the first Russians to play in the National Hockey League and the impact this had on the game in North America and Russia.

A gateway to the web sites of all the teams as well as links to hockey publications, Hockey Hall of Fame, Amateur Hockey Association, newspaper coverage, stats on individual NHL players, and more.
Pro Hockey EuroReport

This site offers the latest listings and stats on all European players and teams, information on European born and trained players in the National Hockey League, and news reports.
Pavel Bure Fan Club

A well-organized and maintained site for Bure fans. It includes the most recent media reports on Bure's close association with Russian businessman/politician Anzor Kikalishvili--the focus of FRONTLINE's "Mafia Power Play" report on October 12, 1999.

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