Mr. HART (for the prosecution)   on the issue of 'contamination' - the theory that the allegations of sexual abuse spread because Edenton's parents shared with each other their children's detailed disclosures.

The ah, experts have also talked about contamination. They've try to the suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen, that because Edenton is a small town and because people did come in contact with each other during the day and during the week, that somehow there was a little section where people would get together and discuss all of what was being said, and all of what should be said, sharing information. And that's what they said in their opening statement and they've never shown that.

They have never shown that unless somehow at the children's birthday parties or at the other times the kids played in the neighborhood, they went off somewhere where the parents couldn't see them and had little skull sessions about how they would get Bob Kelly and what they needed to think up to say to really get good evidence against Bob Kelly. There's been indication that nobody ever got together and really shared information. Yes, there were contacts in any town. Even in a large town, you're going to have to have some contact. But especially in a small town people are going to come in contact with other from day to day. They have things in common. And what are they going to talk about? Yeah, they're going to talk about how they feel. We're going to talk about, "Have you heard anything about the investigation? Are there charges going to be brought? How are you doing? How is your family doing? Are you dealing well with it? How are you dealing with it emotionally?" Talking meetings. Talking about court hearings. Things like that. Yes. There was all kinds of talk about that. And you've heard people -- even good friends. You remember, ah, Randy Hollowell and, ah, Jay Swicegood coached together, head coach, assistant, coach of the football team. They've been friends for years. And Jay went to Randy and told him that they had problems. They were -- 'Andy' had said some things and that he couldn't tell him what he had said. And he knew that Randy didn't think there was anything going on. And he told him, "I can't tell you. Okay. There's problems and I believe what my child has said. But I can't tell you anything about it." I can't tell you what to do. But you need to get a third opinion." That's the kind of things people talked about. People talked about their feelings. People talked about their frustrations, the court process, what to do. They didn't talk about the detailed disclosures that the children were making. There's just no evidence of that whatsoever. There's suggestions that it could have occurred and we don't know whether it occurred. But on cross-examination, on presentation of any witnesses in this case, there's been no showing that there's any kind problem with contamination.

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